22 Of The Best #TrumpFirst Tweets

Twitter users sought to celebrate the famous firsts of President-elect Donald Trump on Saturday using the hashtag #TrumpFirsts. (There was no shortage of hilarious, snarky comments.) As the hashtag began to trend and the list of Trump's most notable firsts grew longer, #TrumpFirsts tweets began to provide a comedic and sometimes sobering look at the new president-elect's pioneering style of governing.

Although Trump has not yet been president-elect for a full month, his first few weeks preparing for his future gig in the White House have been chock full of firsts. But along with his first Cabinet appointment and television interview, there have been some more unconventional firsts. His first Twitter rant as president-elect. His first instance of backpedaling on campaign promises. His first few phone calls to foreign diplomats. His first foreign policy gaffe.

The number of firsts Trump has brought America while president-elect is hardly surprising when you consider the firsts his presidential campaign managed to establish. In some respects, Trump himself is a first. He's the first person to be elected president with no political or military experience in the presidency's 227-year history, according to Vox. And while Trump won't be America's first divorced president, he will be the nation's first thrice-married president.

Here are 22 #TrumpFirst tweets that mockingly celebrate Trump's first few weeks as president-elect:

1. Yes, Everyone Is Laughing At Us

2. No, Experience Is Not Necessary

3. These Are Not Accomplishments Most People Want To Be Known For

4. Let Me Take Your Coat

5. Making Penis Size A Part Of The National Dialogue Since 2016

6. This Was Someone's Idea Of Voter Outreach

7. It's Rigged, I Tell You!

8. But There Will Be No Audit Of The Vote

9. Hard To Forget The Time Trump Mocked A Person For Their Disability

10. Setting A New Standard

11. Fingers Crossed Trump Had His Fingers Crossed

12. Sometimes Protocol Exists For A Reason

13. This Will Really Give The White House Something To Brag About

14. Twitter Is The New Norm

15. How Important Is Job Satisfaction Really?

16. Have You Forgotten "There's No Such Thing As Facts?"

17. Trump Has All The Best Words

18. You Mean The Nation Can't Be Governed Via Twitter?

19. As If His Comments About Muslims, Mexican Immigrants, Disabled People, And Gold Star Families Weren't Enough

20. Someone Should Probably Take His Twitter Away

21. Isn't This All One Big Parody?

Love him or hate him, Trump is clearly a pioneer of some sorts. While his presidential campaign established a new series of election firsts so to have his first few weeks as president-elect. And likely we will see even more unique and unprecedented firsts in Trump's first 100 days in office.