Too Faced's Sweet Peach Lippies Are On The Way

After much anticipation and tons of online teases, there’s finally an official launch date for the Sweet Peach Collection. And thank goodness! Because seriously, the struggle has been real while waiting for these products to arrive. What shades are Too Faced’s Sweet Peach Lip Oils? You’re going to want to see these lippies in action so you can get your shopping strategy in place before these products become available on Dec. 14.

Of course, you may be planning on trying to grab one of everything, and that’s perfectly fine, too. It still can’t hurt to stare at these gorgeous lip glosses to get you even more excited to add them to your cart. The full Sweet Peach collection reveal showed off all of the scented goodies that are headed our way. There are a total of eight glosses along with a highlight palette, single blush and an eyeshadow palette in the line-up.

The Lip Oils will not only smell like peaches, they’ll taste like them, too, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Jerrod Blandino explains in a video posted by the brand. The hues range from a barely there neutral to a vibrant hot pink, so no matter your style, there’s bound to be a delicious smelling (and tasting!) shade to suit you!

Could these products be any more perfect? I think not!

You'll be able to paint a peached-out smoky eye with these shades on hand.

And don't forget to sweep some color across your cheeks.

Then, top it all off with a glossy pout. Preview the shades in this video.

The entire collection combines for an incredible naturally flushed makeup look.

So, will you want to go ahead and purchase the entire range? You betcha! Too Faced is counting on it, too, because they've already come up with a list of tips to help you get through the buying process successfully. According to their website, if there are too many people on the site at one time, you'll be placed in a digital line. So be patient, wait your turn and hopefully, these amazing products will be yours very soon!

Images: toofaced/Instagram (1); YouTube (2)