Sweet Peach Tutorials Will Get You Ready To Shop

The Sweet Peach Collection is almost here, and the excitement is growing by the day. With so many new fruity-smelling products coming out, you better get those wallets ready. How will you pass the time until the big day? Well, you can thank me in advance, because these Too Faced Sweet Peach tutorials will hold you over until launch day.

When Too Faced does something, they do it big. They also like to tease their fans as much as they can humanly take, right up until launch day. The Sweet Peach Collection launches on Dec. 14., which means there's still a little bit of time to wait. The instantly famous Sweet Peach Palette, Papa Don't Peach, Sweet Peach Glow, and Creamy Lip Oils are all well worth waiting for though.

Instead of going crazy with excitement, channel that energy into something more creative. You know, Sweet Peach makeup tutorials. That way you'll be all ready for the big day in the best way possible. I'm not just talking about the eye palette either. Too Faced has already uploaded tutorials for the new collection as well. As soon as you get those products in your hands, you'll know exactly what to do with them.

The products are just so pretty! Odds are you're already planning on buying every single one, so think of these videos as pure research. Here's all the tutorials you need to prepare you for P-Day.

1. Full Collection How-to

See every single one of the new products in action.

2. Sweet Peach Glow

Once you see this product's results, you'll add it to your to-buy list.

3. Bronzed Eye

If the eye palette alone is this glow-y, just imagine how good the cheek palette is.

4. Cut Crease

Because, believe it or not, peach isn't the only stunning color in this palette.

5. Peachy Look

But is is pretty gorgeous, if you decide to highlight the color.

6. Spring-Ready

There's no better way to look forward to the new season than with this tutorial.

7. First Impressions

Double the tutorial is double the fun.

8. Smokey Eye

Yes, you can even get a smokey eye with the palette.

9. Ombre Lids

Can it get any more gorgeous than this? I think not.

10. Super Subtle

You don't have to go bold for it to look great.

11. Any Season Look

You could easily pull this look off, no matter what season we're in.

Bottom line: you can't go wrong with this purchase.

Image: TooFacedCosmetic/Instagram (1)