13 Harry Potter Christmas Cards You Need This Year

The Christmas card is gigantic and so full of cliché and bland sentiments. This holiday will be the first in what may be a painful few years of shameless, out-in-the-open U.S. oppression of its marginalized citizens — though, arguably its always been shameless and out-in-the-open. Throughout the painful past few weeks, Harry Potter has been one among many sources of solace and comfort for grieving, fearful, and lost people. That being the case, why not give your friends and family members Harry Potter Christmas cards this holiday season to remind them about the many powerful, honest, and liberating messages the series has given to readers and viewers alike?

The cards on this list are perfect for new and longtime fans of the series. You don't have to be a Potter expert to enjoy any of these... except maybe a few. Regardless, though, they're all designed beautifully and sure beat the standard cards that most people throw away anyways. You don't want your card to be on those cards that end up in the garbage, so do something different, do something Harry Potter.

To clarify, this post features Christmas cards only due to availability on Etsy, and not because we don't celebrate other holidays like Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Regardless, of this list, we hope everyone has a great holiday season!

Harry Christmas

You can't go wrong with this classic, HP card.

Harry Christmas Card, $5.90, Etsy

The Shiniest Card Ever

This card will outshine all the other cards this season.

Harry Potter Card, $4.69+, Etsy

The Dark Lord of Christmas

Well, there's a card for everyone, I guess.

Harry Potter Voldemort Christmas Card, $3.26, Etsy

The Most Ronderful Time of the Year

Is there possibly a cuter HP card in the world?

Ron Weasley Card, $5.34, Etsy

You Still Believe in Santa After All This Time...


Professor Snape card, $5.00, Etsy

Turn To Page 394

Snape is the real Grinch.

Snape Christmas, $3.65, Etsy

The Whole Gang Is Here

Let's be real, the illustration alone is worth much more than $5.00.

Harry Potter Christmas Card, $5.00, Etsy

My Favorite Muggle

Pay for this download if you want to print your own cards.

Harry Potter Favorite Muggle Card, $3.50, Etsy

Shine Bright Like Patronus

Sounds like it's going to be a bright Christmas, for many people.

Harry Potter Patronus Christmas Card, $3.00, Etsy

Harry Potter and the Christmas Tree

For all the many Deathly Hallows fans out there.

Deathly Hallows Christmas Card, $5.00, Etsy

The Exclusive Holiday Edition of The Daily Prophet

Give them a card that they'll definitely keep.

The Daily Prophet Christmas Card, $4.50, Etsy

One Can Never Have Enough Socks

Probably not the most uplifting card, but it's still nice.

Harry Potter Christmas Card, $2.93+, Etsy

The Greatest Elf in the World

There is no elf in existence that's more special than Dobby.

Dobby Christmas Card, $3.06, Etsy

Images: Etsy