George Lucas Is On Board With 'Rogue One'

It's been more than a little strange for Star Wars enthusiasts that the franchise's creator hasn't been involved in the newest addition to a galaxy far, far away, Rogue One. But it turns out that what George Lucas thinks about Rogue One is all good things. At the Rogue One press conference on Sunday, director Gareth Edwards revealed that Lucas has seen Rogue One and that the icon gave his seal of approval to him. So Star Wars fans can rest easy — if Lucas is on board, there's a good chance the rest of us will be, too.

At the conference, Edwards shared that Lucas had seen the film two days ago, and then the two had a call, in which Lucas gave Edwards his feedback. According to the director, who "will take that conversation to [his] grave, Lucas "really liked the movie" and the Rogue One director, "can die happy now." Lucas' response to the film, he added, "was the most important review to me," jokingly telling reporters in the press conference audience, "you know you guys are important too, but he's kinda, you know, God."

Previous communication between the two directors apparently took place when Lucas visited the Rogue One set and gave Edwards some advice including "don't screw it up" and that the filmmakers "should do more in the computer, and not build so much." It's great to see that Lucas is now apparently completely on board with the film, as the movie icon seemed to have had conflicting feelings about last year's The Force Awakens, telling Charlie Rose he wasn't a fan of the "retro" feel, but then saying in a later statement that he was "thrilled that Disney has the franchise and is moving it in such exciting directions in film, television and the park."

It's great news that Lucas saw Rogue One and has good feels about the standalone flick. I have a feeling that Dec. 18 is going to be a jubilant day for Star Wars fans.

Images: Walt Disney Pictures, Twitter/Red5Aggie, Giphy