Meet Dorit Kemsley's 'RHOBH' Beau

As sure as the sun rises, Bravo adds a new star or two to shake things up on all of the Real Housewives franchises. Like death and taxes, people! In the case of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, the newest Real Housewife is Dorit Kemsley, who from the previews for Season 7 shows that she is fun, pretty, and basically best friends with Boy George. Well, she’s interesting already! But who is Dorit Kemsley’s husband Paul from Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills ? He may have even more star power than his wife.

But first, Dorit! She probably got on the show because she is pals with the arguable queen bee of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills — Lisa Vanderpump. According to People, the 40-year-old Dorit met her Paul at a restaurant in New York, and they were married in 2015. The pair has two children — a boy, Jagger, and a girl, Phoenix — but that’s not the only baby Dorit has. She also started her own fashion business, aptly named Dorit, when she was living in New York. To top it off, Dorit is fluent in four languages and helps Paul run their management agency, Nixxi Entertainment. This is one busy lady, and her husband is quite the busy man, as well.

Bravo reports that Paul Kemsley (they also call him “PK”) made his first batch of money as a businessman and land developer, but he is also very successfully dipping his toes into the pool of celebrity management. Kemsley’s biggest client is Culture Club singer Boy George who — get this — actually lives with Paul, Dorit, and their family. Now that’s going above and beyond for a client, don’t you think?

Another of PK’s most famous clients with his Nixxi Entertainment is Brazilian soccer legend Pelé. It must be fun to represent an athlete like Pelé, who I’m sure Paul watched when he was young in England and obsessed with watching soccer matches.

Know how I know I'm right about the soccer thing? Look how excited Paul is that Jagger has his own uniform ready to go.

Pushing aside his business dealings, Paul just seems to be a devoted husband and father like many other men. His social media accounts are full of photos and notes to his kids and his wife, and it’s pretty sweet.

I mean, Paul's Instagram bio is [sic] "Husband to Dorit father to Daniel Atlanta Tatum Jagger and Phoenix" — no mention of business here. This is a man who cares deeply about his family, and that's nice to see. A lot of famous people use these mediums to publicize themselves, and Paul is just sharing pics of his loved ones. While there don't seem to be any animals in the Kemsley house (from what I can tell), they're not above getting a few visitors — do these pups look familiar?

It's Jiggy Vanderpump, and Jiggy's presence shows just how close the Vanderpumps and Kemsleys are. Do you think Lisa would let any old family sit with Jiggy? Absolutely not. Seems like Paul will fit in just fine on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.