15 Gifts For Hufflepuffs That Are As Amazing As The House Itself

Holiday shopping getting you down? Make things a little easier on yourself by skipping the lines at the store and picking out one of these gifts for Hufflepuffs instead, each one something unique that any house member will love. Take it from a Hufflepuff herself, we're easy to shop for — as long as you get us something yellow, black, or badger themed.

The Hufflepuff house, know for its loyalty and fairness, is one of the best houses at Hogwarts (if I do say so myself). But when I first read Harry Potter as a kid, I firmly and naively believed that the only truly amazing Hogwarts house was, of course, Gryffindor. The house of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and my personal hero, Hermione Granger, I thought that if I belonged anywhere, I belonged in Gryffindor alongside the other greats. That is, until I took a quiz on Pottermore and got sorted into Hufflepuff.

Resistant at first, I grew to love my Hogwarts house the more I learned about it. I appreciated its inclusive attitude and identified with it's values of hard work, dedication, loyalty, and fairness. Now that I'm a proud, yellow and black wearing, badger-loving Hufflepuff, I want the world to know it — preferably, with the help of accessories, jewelry, and home decor that matches my house.

Take it from someone who knows them best, these are 15 great gifts for Hufflepuffs who love their house.

1. Hufflepuff Infinity Scarf

A variation on the traditional Hogwarts knit scarf, this yellow infinity style one honors the best house there is: Hufflepuff. Featuring the house's crest and mascot, the beloved and brave badger, this is the perfect accessory for Hufflepuffs who like to add a little flair to their wizarding robes.

Hufflepuff Infinity Scarf , $15, Amazon

2. Embroidered House Crest Iron-On Patch

A great embellishment for jackets, bags, or wizarding robes, this simple Hufflepuff iron-on patch is a must-have for any true house member. Small yet heartfelt, it's the perfect stocking stuffer or fun surprise to slip into a card.

Embroidered House Crest Iron-On Patch, $10, Etsy

3. Hufflepuff Arm Party Bracelet Set

Help the Hufflepuff in your life show their love loudly and proudly with this bold bracelet set. Featuring the crest, an "H" initial, a Hufflepuff-inscribed bangle, and plenty of yellow embellishments, this is a great gift for girls who have pride in their house.

Hufflepuff Arm Party , $17, Amazon

4. Hufflepuff Coffee Mug

Give your badger-loving friend something that will help get their days started off the right way: a Hufflepuff themed mug. Adorable and useful, this is a gift that can be appreciated all year long.

Hufflepuff Coffee Mug , $14, Amazon

5. "Let's Get Huffle Ruff" Racerback Tank

Readers appreciate one kind of humor above all else: bookish puns. Unwrapping this Harry Potter-inspired tank, complete with a punny joke on the front, will make Hufflepuffs giddy with geeky glee.

"Lets Get Huffle Tuff" Racerback Tank , $22, Look Human

6. Crest Book Page Necklace

Every Potterhead likes to keep a piece of the series close to their heart, and with this book page necklace, Hufflepuffs can keep their house crest close by, too. Embellished with a lightening bolt charm, this is a delightful gift for hardcore series fans.

Crest Book Page Necklace, $14.29, Etsy

7. House Crest Watch

Make sure your Hufflepuff friend is never late to hang out again by giving them a house-themed watch so cute, they'll never want to take it off.

House Watch , $12, Think Geek

8. Hufflepuff Tights

Bold and bright, these black and yellow Hufflepuff-themed tights are a fun way of honoring house pride. Complete with the classic badger emblem, this accessory will look great under anyone's Hogwarts robe.

Hufflepuff Tights , $18, Amazon

9. Badger Carry-All Pouch

The perfect place for stashing make up, bobby pins, and a spare wand, this badger print carry-all pouch does just that: carries it all. Adorable and functional, this is one gift that won't go unused.

Badger Carry-All Pouch , $15, Society6

10. Hufflepuff Rug

Help transform your friend's home into the Hufflepuff common room with the help of home accessories, like this yellow and black house crest rug. Bright and elegant, this decor item will make it clear to all who enter: a great Hufflepuff lives here.

Hufflepuff Rug , $50, Think Geek

11. Hufflepuff Ring

This glass encased book ring featuring the word "Hufflepuff" is a subtle yet beautiful way of showing pride for the Hogwarts house. A unique piece of jewelry that uses actual text from the Harry Potter series, this will make any book-lover happy this holiday.

Hufflepuff Ring, $10, Etsy

12. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay by J.K. Rowling

Among the many great and famous Hufflepuffs is New Scamander, the star of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them . Although he was kicked out of Hogwarts, Newt is still a beloved role model for many of his fellow house members, and they will love reading all about his incredible journeys in this original screenplay by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay , $8, Amazon

13. Quidditch Tapestry

Brighten up your Hufflepuff's house with a bold yellow quidditch banner celebrating the best Hogwarts team there is. A simple yet classic design, this tapestry will turn any old home into a comfortable common room that will make house feel like a castle.

Quidditch Tapestry , $33, Society6

14. Hufflepuff Journal

The perfect place for keeping all of the house secrets safe, this yellow and black Hufflepuff themed journal is a great gift on its own, or fun stocking stocking stuffer. Fun and useful, it's a great location for the Potterhead in your life to work out their latest Cedric Diggory fanfiction.

Hufflepuff Journal , $25, Amazon

15. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Magical Creatures Coloring Book

If you have a young Hufflepuff in your life, save them from a boredom over winter break by giving them this fun and fantastic coloring book. Filled with images of Newt Scamander's favorite magical creatures including the treasure-eating Niffler, the fairy-like Doxy, and the majestic Thunderbird, this Fantastic Beasts-themed activity book will keep admiring Hufflepuff's busy for hours.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Magical Creatures Coloring Book , $11, Amazon

Image: Warner Bros.; Etsy