Mark Has 'Timber Creek Lodge' Management Problems

As said in, I don’t know, the first two minutes of the premiere of Timber Creek Lodge, the eponymous lodge is a five-star experience, and visitors and guests expect that sort of treatment. To have that five-star experience come to life, all of the staff has to be on the same page, and I’m not sure that’s the case on Timber Creek Lodge right now. Mark, who is in charge of putting together VIP excursions for the guests, is already having problems with his management team. Will Mark get fired on Timber Creek Lodge ?

I got the feeling from the very beginning of the episode that Mark wasn’t going to be keen on being told what to do. He bragged that he’s been very successful for his young-ish age, and anything he has set his mind to has come to fruition. First red flag. The second was that when Katy, who is the boss of the group, specifically told the crew that they shouldn’t be in the main house (which is for guests) unless there are visitors there, and Mark went in and took a shower there. When Katy confronted him on it, he said, “Whatever.” Oh boy. Later, when Katy brought this up at a staff meeting, Mark copped major ‘tude, saying that he got it and there was no need to discuss it at the meeting.

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that Katy is a woman boss or just a boss in general that Mark doesn’t want to listen to (he joked that she liked to hear the sound of her own voice, which, ugh), but I could totally see him getting fired if he can’t adhere to simple rules. I mean, obviously, if Mark took this job, he had to know that someone else was going to be his boss, right? He can’t be running the show forever. Mark better fall in line at Timber Creek Lodge, or he’ll find himself on a different line of unemployment sorts.

Images: Eike Shroter/Bravo; Brendan Meadows/Bravo