Every Show On Bravo Ranked

Those who truly know me, understand my obsession with Bravo. I love the network so much, that I watch pretty much every single series that is currently airing or has aired. Oh, and don't get me started on marathons, especially when it comes to the shows I haven't seen. Yes, there are a few shows I didn't take the time to watch or choose to fill up my DVR, because I do have an obligation to other shows. I mean, I can only watch so much. (Though, that doesn't mean I won't take the time to catch up on the Bravo series that are currently missing from my TV rolodex.) Because Bravo is basically my other half, it's time to rank every show on Bravo. I know, it's a big undertaking, but someone has to do it.

To be clear, the following list doesn't include cancelled series, but only those currently airing, in addition to those series whose fates have not yet been decided.

Obviously, not everyone is going to agree with me about the rankings, but to each his or her own. Everyone has different opinions or are more entertained by certain things more than others. Me? Give me all the drama and crazy moments. The more, the better. Don't get me wrong, I hate drama in real life and avoid it at all costs, but you can't have a successful and entertaining Bravo series without it, which factored heavily into my ranking system.

With that, let's get to it.

33. Work Out New York

Have I seen it? No, but clearly the promos didn't do their job in grabbing my attention. So, really, Bravo is to blame for not getting my interest and for Work Out New York landing the very last spot. Also, I hate to work out, so maybe that's why I've never watched?

32. Tour Group

I love traveling and usually have to get my fill by living vicariously through others, but if Tour Group had more of an Amazing Race vibe, I might be able to get into it. Also, don't feel bad if you haven't heard of this show, because I actually forgot it even existed.

31. Après Ski

Yeah, I watched the entire first season of Après Ski. Why? Work-related reasons. Anyways, you can absolutely trust me when I say that I am beyond shocked to hear that there is going to be a Season 2. According to cast member Joey Gibbons, it's coming back and possibly in a new and improved way. If true, let's hope it gets a revamp (including some new faces), because it really, really needs one.

30. Untying the Knot

Yeah, I have no interest in watching how people handle their divorces, in addition to seeing who gets what in the split. That's exactly the premise behind Untying the Knot. I mean, props to leading lady Vikki Ziegler who has built a business on this, but it's just not my cup of tea.

29. The People's Couch

I don't know what's so intriguing about watching other people watch TV. Why would I want to take time out of my day to do that, when I could easily watch a Bravo show (or another worthy series) myself? It just seems counterproductive. But, it keeps returning, so The People's Couch must be entertaining to some.

28. Inside the Actors Studio

I have nothing against James Lipton, who has created an impressive career interviewing a ton of celebrities, but when I think Bravo, I don't associate it with Inside the Actors Studio. Granted, I love watching celeb interviews (conducting interviews is also part of my job), but I want drama on Bravo, not sit-down chats. Actually, sometimes I forget this show even exists, which just goes to show you my lack of interest.

27. Thicker Than Water

The Tankards are a big hit and keep bringing the drama to Bravo. I've only caught bits and pieces of Thicker Than Water, so I don't understand it fully. However, I have a feeling I could quickly become a fan with a marathon. It definitely has potential to move up to a top spot as one of my favorite Bravo shows.

26. Blood, Sweat & Heels

Blood, Sweat & Heels has a Housewives feel to it. From the drama to the strong, leading women to the elaborate parties and events thrown, it's pretty addicting. Admittedly, I didn't start watching from the beginning, but I ended up catching a marathon and was immediately hooked.

25. There Goes the Motherhood

A reality series focusing on successful and intelligent women, who are also mothers, single mothers, working moms, and women who aren't afraid to admit their faults? Yeah, I'm all in. I really enjoyed the first season of There Goes the Motherhood. Here's hoping it scores a renewal.

24. Don't Be Tardy

From Real Housewives of Atlanta to Don't Be Tardy. If you didn't start out loving Kim Zolciak, I bet you do now. She sure knows how to make a series interesting, not to mention keep viewers laughing. What's even better with Don't Be Tardy, you get insight into her family. Plus, what complaints are there when you get to look at her adorable (and hilarious) kiddos?

23. Newlyweds the First Year

I've yet to catch every episode of Newlyweds the First Year, but what I've seen, I've loved. Never would I ever go on this show, because filming your first year of marriage just sounds like a complete disaster. But that's exactly what makes the reality show so good.

22. Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine is such a hit that a spinoff, Married to Medicine: Houston , is slated to air at some point. If you've never watched this, then you need to add it your list, stat. Sometimes it has even more drama than any of the Housewives. Yes, it's that juicy. And some of the women are in the medical field, while others are striving in other areas of business. That's right, the show title doesn't solely refer to women being married to someone else in the medical profession. What's not to love about that?

21. Manzo'd With Children

Even though Caroline Manzo is no longer on Real Housewives of New Jersey, she's still living the Bravo life on Manzo'd With Children. As a huge Manzo fan, I can't get enough of this family, their love, and their antics. They know how to make reality TV worth watching.

20. Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

Clearly, this scripted Bravo show is doing something right. I mean, it was renewed for three more seasons in April 2016. Its leads are a group of women, which is always right up my alley. Plus, it's impossible not to love Linda Edelstein and her talent. In my opinion, she never fails as an actor.

19. Odd Mom Out

If you're in the mood for a scripted comedy on Bravo, then you should probably check out Odd Mom Out. Not only is Jill Kargman a star, but she and the series bring fun and even more hilarious moments to the network, which primarily consists of reality shows.

18. Top Chef

Can you really go wrong with a food competition? Top Chef is one of the most successful food reality series currently on TV. If you're ever looking to escape the drama of Bravo's other shows, then this is the right fit for you. Yes, there's some dramatic moments here and there, but it's mainly about the food.

17. Watch What Happens Live

What's better than a Bravo reality show? A late-night Bravo talk show, that's what. Unlike Inside the Actors' Studio's ability to gain me as a watcher, Watch What Happens Live surely has. Hosted by Andy Cohen, it combines the world of Bravo with the rest of the entertainment world. I can't get enough of Andy, WWHL's crazy games, and whatever other madness just happens to ensue throughout the half hour. Plus, add one of my favorite celebs (like Anna Kendrick) and it turns into perfection.

16. Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Never did I think I'd enjoy watching individuals sell real estate, but to my surprise it's something I love, especially on MDLLA. Though, I have to give credit to star and real estate agent Josh Flagg for making me a fan. Oh, yeah, the drama and fights are a bonus, too.

15. Million Dollar Listing New York

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge MDLLA fan, but MDLNY is my favorite. The real estate agents featured are just more entertaining and I find myself really rooting for them (more Luis D. Ortiz and Fredrik Eklund than Ryan Serhant, to be honest). Not to mention, I can't get enough of Fredrik's high kicks and Luis' positive attitude.

14. Flipping Out

When you have a show starring Jeff Lewis, where can you go wrong? As much as I love watching Jeff's team flip homes and their interior designing skills come to life, the drama is the real winner. Whether it's Jeff yelling at his team, Zoila Chavez giving Jeff attitude, or their famous clients' ridiculous requests, Flipping Out is gold.

13. Below Deck

Below Deck solidifies even further why I'd never want to work or vacation on a boat. There is no escaping the drama, unless you're willing to jump overboard. That said, I still very much enjoy the madness that occurs with each charter, the charter guests, and between the yacht's employees. Of course, I'd never want to experience it firsthand, but thankfully I can do it from the comfort of my own couch.

12. Shahs of Sunset

If you aren't watching Shahs of Sunset, I highly recommend it. There is never a boring season and the drama between this tight-knit group of friends is everything every Bravo addict hopes for. Sometimes the Housewives have nothing on Shahs. Yes, it's that over-the-top with drama.

11. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Sometimes I love RHOBH and sometimes I don't. But more often than not I really do love it, except for anytime a certain person's illness is called into question. Really, let's move on and let it go already. Anyways, between Lisa Vanderpump's pet adventures, Lisa Rinna's pot stirring, and Erika Jayne's refreshing addition (seriously, thank goodness for her), RHOBH usually manages to be a hit.

10. Real Housewives of Orange County

It's the OG of the Housewives franchise, so I always enjoy a little RHOC in my life. It definitely deserves to be in the top 10. I mean, between Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge, those two know how to make a Housewives series successful — with all of their arguing.

9. Real Housewives of New Jersey

Even though RHONJ Season 6 fell flat, every other season has been spot-on. Despite all of the cast change-ups, the series still manages to deliver on the drama, the tension, and the antics. What I love so much about New Jersey is it's one of the more family oriented Housewives and what's better than watching family drama play out on the small screen?

8. Real Housewives Of Atlanta

When isn't RHOA producing an entertaining episode? Sometimes it gets a bit out of hand with fights getting physical, but overall the women never fail in making viewers laugh and feel a lot of emotions about what's happening each season. Also, it does help that NeNe Leakes —and her facial expressions — are around.

7. Real Housewives Of Potomac

That's right, RHOP surpasses some of the older Housewives. For only airing it's first season, Potomac hit the mark on so many levels. I immediately fell in love with the cast and their story lines. Admittedly, I wasn't sold on the Season 1 promo or the taglines, but after the first episode, I found myself captivated.

6. Ladies Of London

Basically, Ladies of London is like the Real Housewives of London. However you look at it, I can't get enough of these English and American women, their drama, their fights, their insane parties, and their families. They manage to bring so much joy into my life.

5. Real Housewives Of Dallas

Bravo killed it with the first season of RHOD. Like Potomac, I wasn't convinced I'd enjoy it. However, I was absolutely disproven. It's seriously is so good and I hope it continues for years to come. Minus all of the the poop talk (for real), which was sometimes overkill, these women of Dallas proved they belong on Bravo.

4. Below Deck Mediterranean

As much as I enjoy the original Below Deck, Below Deck Mediterranean surpasses it on so many levels. When the spinoff first premiered, I wasn't so sure it would fill my needs when it comes to yacht drama. Yeah, that quickly changed thanks to all of the fireworks sparking onboard. Whenever Below Deck returns, it better pay attention to its sister show, or it's going to lose fans. Yes, Med is just that good.

3. Vanderpump Rules

Of course Vanderpump Rules is at the top of this list — duh. Since day one, the RHOBH spinoff starring Lisa Vanderpump demonstrated exactly why it belongs on Bravo. It's pretty much a sh*t show of grown adults who act like teenagers, lie, cheat, and take part in the most ridiculous fights. Yeah, it's so good you can't stop watching.

2. Southern Charm

To whoever thought a Charleston-based reality series would be a good idea, I applaud you. My heart holds a special place for Southern Charm. Firstly, the theme song is so on point that I would absolutely pay money to download it. Secondly, never have I wanted to visit Charleston, South Carolina more than I do after watching three seasons of drama between this fantastic cast and Kathryn Dennis. Bravo, you've done good, so please don't ever get rid of this charm of a show.

1. Real Housewives Of New York City

It was a toss-up between Southern Charm and RHONY for the top spot, but in the end the women of the Big Apple won. As my favorite Housewives series, it never disappoints and mainly thanks to its cast. There's no topping the leads, especially Bethenny Frankel, Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer, Luann de Lesseps, Carole Radziwill, and Dorinda Medley. They truly are stars. Oh, and when you get episodes like Scary Island? Just give RHONY an Emmy already.

And with that, I thank Bravo for taking up most my day with its fabulous content.

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