Is Justin Bieber x H&M Purpose Tour Merch Sold Out? There Is Still Time To Shop

The holiday shopping season is always a frenzy and you need to act fast, especially on cool capsule collections. Justin Bieber's Purpose Tour merch was available at multiple retail locations this year, like high-end store Barneys, as well as fast-fashion hub Forever 21. The "All Access" capsule collection hit mall retailer PacSun, as well. Now, Justin Bieber Purpose Tour merch has made it to H&M, one of the most beloved discount and fast-fashion chains. Is H&M x Justin Bieber Purpose Tour merch sold out or is it still shoppable?

The affordable, 10-piece collection is still in stock and available. As of press time, nothing is sold out online. But I don't expect it to stay that way! Therefore, I recommend grabbing whatever piece(s) you want ASAP.

Here is the rundown. There are 10 items in the H&M x Bieber Purpose Tour collection. More specifically, there are five hoodies, which are $34.99 a piece, and five tees, each of which are $17.99. There are two black, one grey, one cream, and one white hoodie. There are three black and two cream-colored tees. They come in men's sizes, but pretty much anyone can wear the loose fit offerings while proudly announcing their Belieber status.

The Purpose Tour merch at H&M is pretty sweet. You may as well nab a piece or two while the apparel is still available.

On the hoodie front, you have loads of color choices and graphic options.

Each design is fun, cool, and doesn't cost and an arm and a leg.

The same can be said for the shirts, which come in an array of colors and with a bunch of different designs.

Don't be shy about your Belieberdom with any or all of these shirts.

If you are in the market for some new Bieber-branded merch or if there is a Belieber on your holiday shopping list, well, the H&M x Bieber Purpose Tour merch collection just made things a whole lot easier.

Images Courtesy of H&M (6)