Why Ashton & Mila Chose Their Son's Name

When Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher welcomed their baby boy into the world last week, they officially announced the news on Kutcher's A Plus website and revealed their son's name, too. Kutcher and Kunis named their son Dimitri Portwood Kutcher, which probably means nothing to you on first glance. But for fans interested to know the significance of little Dimitri's name, let's all put on our detective hats and sleuth it out — Sherlock style.

Though Kutcher and Kunis did not disclose the meaning behind their son's name, it's surprisingly not too hard to decipher it. For one, People reports that "Portwood" most likely comes from the name of Kutcher's stepdad, Mark Portwood. And, if Anastasia's John Cusack-voiced character has taught me anything, it's that Dimitri is a Russian boy's name, so that most likely honors Kunis' heritage (she speaks fluent Russian and grew up in the Ukraine). In fact, Kunis revealed in a Reddit AMA that she and Kutcher plan to raise their children to speak both English and Russian.

"I speak Russian to the baby all the time," she wrote, referring to the couple's first-born, Wyatt Isabelle. "My parents speak Russian to the baby all the time. And Ashton's taking Russian lessons."

Though the Kutcher family has yet to speak out on the significance of baby Dimitri's name, there's a good chance that they will.

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In fact, Kutcher previously revealed how he and Kunis arrived at naming Wyatt, well, Wyatt.

"We got pregnant a couple of weeks after we picked the name but when we were pregnant, the name didn't fit the energy we were feeling," he told Conan O' Brien back in October 2014 (quotes via ET). "One night, Mila was like, 'This is not the name.' I was like, 'OK, it's not the name.'"

In fact, the two were at a Lakers game when lightning struck and Kutcher — who had been joking around and naming every word he could think of — pitched the idea to Kunis.

"I was like, 'I've got a really dumb idea. What about Wyatt?'" he remembered. "She goes, 'That’s it.'"

Can't wait to hear the ~official~ story behind Dimitri's name!