Here's Why You Should Threading Instead Of Waxing

There's often a debate over whether threading or waxing is the best way to go when it comes to hair removal. As it turns out, there's a very clear answer. According to Brighton Salon's celebrity brow expert Nikki Amini, you should consider threading over waxing, and there are definitive reasons why. If you've ever found yourself wondering why threading has grown in popularity as of late or why people seem to be abandoning waxing for the practice, Amini's reasons for seeking out threading are going to clear up those questions.

Sure, waxing has long been the most common practice when it comes to hair removal, especially when it comes to brows. However, it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, Amini gives several reasons why waxing is inferior to threading and why you should give it a try. For one thing, it's more effective as it lasts longer than waxing. While there are hacks to keep your brow in line between grooming sessions, why not prolong it as long as possible.

For years, brow groomers have been terrified of over-tweezing their brows or going to groom happy with the wax. A professional threading service can help with taming brows but not overdoing things. Plus, once you see Amini's benefits to threading, you'll totally want to book a session.

Here are seven reasons you should opt for threading over waxing for your next brow appointment.

1. Threading Is Chemical-Free

For those who are fans of safer beauty trends, you should know that threading has no chemical element to it. She explains, "Store-bought and salon wax contains harsh chemicals. The ingredients include resins, carcinogenic parabens, artificial fragrances, and dangerous dyes."

2. Threading Is Better For Sensitive Skin

Because of its chemical-free element and non-harsh method, threading is a good option for those with sensitive skin.

3. Threading Lasts Longer

According to Amini, threading can last anywhere between four to ten weeks.

4. Threading Is More Precise

Threading allows a technician to get as precise as possible. Amini explains, "Threading allows the beautician to develop the natural arch of your eyebrow as they have closer access to each hair growth since it is done individually."

5. Threading Can Happen Sooner

You don't have to wait for a while until your hairs come totally back in. Instead, you can get your brows threader sooner than with wax and prevent grow-in.

6. Threading Is Much Faster

Amini explains that threading can take as little as between three to seven minutes.

7. Threading Is Much Cleaner

"Most times when waxing, you have to worry about the wax being contaminated with previous clients' bacteria or even blood (if they have any type of infections such as HIV or anything) than that bacteria is now in the wax that is being applied on your skin," says Amini. "With threading, you don’t have to worry about anything like that since a piece of new thread is used on every single client."

It wouldn't hurt to try it once, right? If you're in the Los Angeles area, stop by Brighton Salon to see Nikki Amini herself. If you're not, follow her on Instagram to see her latest tips and tricks to make sure your brows are always on fleek.

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