The One VS Fashion Show Look You Need To See

There's no night in fashion quite like the Victoria's Secret Fashion show, and if pictures from the 2016 show are any proof, it's going to be a night of some outrageous (and gorgeous) outfits. But the one thing I was looking forward to? Seeing Gigi Hadid's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show looks.

Hadid, younger sister Bella, and model-BFF Kendall Jenner were among the most famous faces on this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show stage, and I couldn't wait to see what all three were wearing during Monday's show. Because the show filmed last week, I already had the chance to see Hadid's looks, and in my opinion, one of them completely stole the show.

It's no secret that Hadid's star is rising — after all, she was the most-followed person on Instagram in 2016. Hadid gained 16 million Instagram followers in 2016, which is an insane amount. She's the model of the moment, and her campaigns with Tommy Hilfiger, Stuart Weitzman, and multiple magazine covers mean you can't look anywhere without seeing Hadid's face right now.

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was no exception, and one of Hadid's looks in particular caught my eye. Her red lace bra and panty set was accented by thigh-high mosaic print boots, a bedazzled jacket, and a Missoni-esque scarf/cape.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

How chic does she look? I'm loving her smoky eyes and darker-than-normal hair with its voluminous waves as well.

Dominique Charriau/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

How great are the details on that jacket? And the chain around her waist is another fun addition to the look.

How cute is this Instagram Hadid posted with Adriana Lima as well?

Dominique Charriau/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And it's not a VS Fashion Show unless there's a #squad pic. I'm loving all the details on Hadid's scarf/cape thing.


As far as looks go, I'd give it a 10/10. Can't wait to see the look in live-action during Monday's show.