When 'This Is Us' Returns From Hiatus, The NBC Drama Needs To Answer These Questions

NBC's TV series This Is Us is the undisputed big hit of the season. The family drama has captivated audiences with its storylines that tug at the heartstrings and cause fans to reach for their tissue boxes, as well as its many mysteries. Due to its storytelling structure, This Is Us jumps around in time, using flashbacks and flash forwards — which leaves some parts of the Pearson family timeline unseen to the audience. The series airs its fall finale on Tuesday night and, when This is Us returns from hiatus, the show still needs to answer so many questions, because even the answers given so far have led to more questions.

According to The Futon Critic listings, This Is Us will likely return on Jan. 10 with new episodes, but keep in mind that hasn't been confirmed by NBC yet. Since the show debuted earlier this year, This Is Us has kept the audience on its toes, starting with that big twist in the pilot — remember when viewers didn't know that Jack, Rebecca, Randall, Kate, and Kevin were a family? That seems like such a long time ago, because the show has given fans so many other aspects of their lives to ponder across several decades. Who knew a family could be so compelling every week?

These are the questions that This Is Us needs to answer as the show continues.

When Does William Die?

In a recent flash forward, Randall is seen somberly putting away William's belongings, but it's not clear when this occurs in the future. William is currently battling stomach cancer and doesn't have much time left. Knowing all of this makes William and Randall's current scenes all the more precious.

Will Kate & Toby Work Things Out?

After meeting at their weight loss group, Kate and Toby dated, but recently broke up as Kate wants to focus her attention on losing weight. Will these two lovebirds ever find their way back to each other?

Will Randall Ever Forgive Rebecca?

On his 36th birthday, Randall was very excited when he found his birth father William — but he then found out that Rebecca knew William all along and kept them apart all these years. Randall reached a point of understanding about his mother's actions in last week's episode, but he has yet to fully forgive her. Randall probably needs some time before he can trust his mother again.

How Did Rebecca & Miguel Get Together?

In a previous episode, it was revealed that Rebecca and Jack's former colleague Miguel are a couple. Sure, Miguel told Jack how much he admired Rebecca in one episode, but it's still not clear how these two fell in love — and if it occurred before or after Jack's death (see below).

Will Kevin Ever Be Known For A Role Other Than The Manny?

Kevin's most well-known role is starring as the title character on a fictional sitcom called The Manny (ahem, male nanny), a job that he quit in the pilot in search of more meaningful opportunities. He's currently starring in a play in New York City, but will the play cancel out his Manny fame? It sounds like the show is a hard one to live down.

How Did Jack Die?

One of the saddest reveals of the season was that Jack is currently deceased in the present. His ashes reside in an urn in Kate's possession. But fans still don't know how Jack passed on and when it happened.

This Is Us has so many questions to answer — and I'm sure the show will give fans even more to ponder when it returns in 2017.

Images: Ron Batzdorff (7)/NBC