One ‘This Is Us’ Character Is In Jeopardy

Well, the Pearsons have really gone and done it now. It’s not enough that you make me dream about a mustachioed Milo Ventimiglia and cry every Tuesday, but now you’re going to leave me hanging with an episode like the This Is Us fall finale? I mean, damn, guys. In the episode, the entire family went to Randall’s house for Christmas, and were all having a good time until the worst happened. In a split second, I went from basking in their holiday cheer to worrying that Toby could die on This Is Useven though nothing bad is supposed to happen on Christmas Eve!

At first, Christmas looked like a bust for the Pearson clan this year — Kevin and Sloan, the writer of his play, had to go to her house for Hanukkah (long story), William had to deal with some unexpected business, and Kate had a consult with a doctor for bariatric surgery and wasn’t feeling up to celebrating. It was just going to be Randall and his family, and that was fine — a quiet Christmas. Except then everyone turned up. Whatever Christmas miracle happened, all of the Pearsons rolled into Randall’s house and Toby came, too, to surprise Kate! They reconciled, and everything was great. It was like a damn Norman Rockwell painting! Then, Toby looked very, very pale and sweaty, and when he stood up to help Beth clean the table, he collapsed. Toby collapsed! Rebecca said that nothing bad can happen on Christmas Eve, so why is this happening now?

We don't know what's going on, but things weren't looking good, so I just need to say that Toby cannot die on This Is Us. He can’t. If Toby dies, for whatever reason, Kate may never recover from it. They love each other, and Toby is definitely Kate’s rock, especially in her weight loss journey. Christmas Eve found Toby and Kate re-dedicating themselves to each other and their weight loss, and I think Kate’s journey will be completely derailed if Toby doesn’t recover from whatever happened in that tragic, sudden twist.

Images: Ron Batzdorff/NBC (2)