How To Like Comments On Instagram & Show Your Appreciation In The Form Of A Heart

This has been a banner year for social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have consistently been one-upping each other with new features, new toys, new filters that make us look like really cute puppies — and now, finally, the powers that be have figured out how to like comments on Instagram. Well, they always knew. The powers that be have decided to let us like comments on Instagram. But whatever, you knew what I meant.

In a blog post published on Dec. 6, Instagram CEO and co-Founder Kyle Systrom elaborated on the company's pledge to keep Instagram "a positive place for self-expression." In addition to the ability to like comments, users can now turn off comments altogether, remove followers from private accounts, and anonymously report self-injury posts.

So much of the increased supervision from social media companies combats negative behavior — a necessary stance, considering 87 percent of teens have reportedly witnessed cyberbullying, according to a study conducted by McAfee in 2014 — but Instagram's newest update focuses on the solidarity so many experience from social media. "Liking lets you show support and encourages positivity throughout the community," wrote Systrom.

Ready to spread some love? The ability to like comments is rolling out slowly, so you might not have it quite yet — but read up now and be the cool hip one out of all your friends when it finally happens. Be like, "Yeah, I knew it was coming, so what?"

1. Be Sure You Have The Latest Version Of Instagram

Visit your device's app store to check. On iOS devices, the App Store icon is blue, and square, and has an A on it, and if you still don't know what I'm talking about, I think we need to have a different conversation.

2. Tap "Updates"

It's at the bottom of the screen. If you're anything like me, literally all of your apps probably need to be updated.

3. Select "Instagram"


4. Open Your New And Improved Instagram

So! Cool!

Just kidding; it looks exactly the same. But it's cool-looking anyway, so... yeah.

5. Tap The Heart Next To A User's Comment

When you find a comment you'd like to... uh... like, tippity tappity, spread the love-appity.

6. Be A Nice Person



Images: Maddy Foley/Instagram (5); Giphy