What To Get Your Brother For The 2016 Holidays

So, it's the holidays, you're feeling in the giving spirit, and you want to get your brother a super solid gift this year. You want to make him feel loved, and maybe most importantly, you want him to be impressed with your gift-giving skills because in the past, he's probably grown to expect the basic bottle of booze or necktie you found on sale. So, this year, put a little more thought into your gift giving game. Show your brother that you're Leslie Knope level of gift-giving now, and you know how to be thoughtful and selfless. Maybe it'll encourage him to up his game, too!

When you're looking for gifts, try to think about the type of person your brother is, and veer toward the types of things he doesn't have but you think would make his life easier. They types of things that he's already obsessed with — and the types of things you think he's appreciate even though he knows nothing about them. Put that extra thought into gift brainstorming and use this guide to help you find the perfect present that feels personal and extra special. Because your brother doesn't need another tie and because it's never too late to start being an excellent holiday gifter.

Bluetooth Hat

This techie gem has built-in bluetooth capabilities and headphones, plus it keeps you super warm. It's perfect for a winter runner or commuter.

Mydeal Bluetooth Hat, $35, Amazon


Perfect for listening to music, ordering off Amazon, checking things like traffic and weather and asking awkward questions about life.

Echo Dot Second Edition , $50, Amazon

Bluetooth Speakers

This is the best speaker for someone who likes to get out and go. They can bring it up to a roof party, out on a camping trip or in the office.

VavaVoom Splash-Proof Bluetooth Speaker, $60, Amazon

Glow Aquarium

This is pretty low-key as far as men's decor goes — and it's kinda trippy! Gift this to the brother who has a great table or shelf to display it on.

Bioluminescent Aquarium, $60, UncommonGoods

Growler Keg Kit

If your brother's into beer, this is a super thoughtful gift. It's durable and it's something he'll actually use.

Insulated Growler, $70, UncommonGoods

Monogrammed Personalized Growler

If your brother's into beer and you want to get him something a bit nicer, go for this personalized growler, it's super adult and he can use it forever.

Custom Etched Growler, $85, UncommonGoods

Personalized Tool Belt

Whether your brother is into fixing things or not, he'll want to be when he gets this gift. It's really rustic and authentic with its distressed leather and thoughtful with the personalized monogram.

Leather Tool Belt & Hammer, $95, Etsy

Engraved Decanter

For the fancy brother who likes whiskey and scotch, get a personalized decanter. Even if you don't think he'll use it, it will look nice on his shelves.

Personalized Scotch & Whiskey Decanter, $88, Etsy

Leather Card Holder

This card holder is a staple item that anyone will appreciate. It's sturdy and small, perfect for a pocket when you don't want to lug around a wallet.

Mismo Card Holder, $75, Club Monaco

Gym Bag

These nylon gym bags are water-resistant, and perfect for holding sweaty clothes — especially if you go to the office after the gym.

Nylon Pack Cloth Gym Bag, $24, American Apparel

Retro Jacket

Chances are your brother had something like this in the '90s and will be super happy to have a fresh version of it. It's a useful and nostalgic gift.

Nylon Bomber Jacket, $80, Urban Outfitters

Light Up Record Player

Why just get a record player when you can get a trippy light show record player that emits cool colors into the room?

Ion Photon Vinyl Record Player, $110, Urban Outfitters

Drone & Camera

Honestly who doesn't want a drone? If you're lucky, your brother will let you play with his.

Skeye Mini Drone Quadcopter With HD Camera , $100, Urban Outfitters

Virtual Reality Headset

If your brother has a smartphone, all he needs is this lightweight VR headset, and he can download tons of apps in the app store that will allow him indulge in the VR experience.

Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset, $32, Urban Outfitters

Cocktail Shaker

This metallic cocktail shaker is both fancy and useful. It's got all the tools he'll need to make his favorite drink.

Monochromatic Bar Cocktail Shaker Set, $50, Urban Outfitters

Chic Wireless Headset

Wireless headphones are really in this year, and these are sleek and fashionable, unlike a lot of the wire-y and uncomfortable headphones on the market.

AVA Wireless Headphones, $50, Urban Outfitters

Sega Console

Can you say throwback? Your brother can get all nostalgic with this console, and become the best party host in town.

SEGA Genesis Classic Game Console, $68, Urban Outfitters

Bon Iver Record

Bon Iver's newest album is totally different than all of his previous albums. It's electronic, it's distorted, and it's appealing to music fans of all genres.

22, A Million LP, $26, Urban Outfitters

Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere sweaters don't always have to cost an arm and a leg. This sweater is super cozy, soft, and festive.

Men's Crewneck Sweater, $99, Uniqlo

Images: Warner Bros. Television Distribution; Amazon (4), Uniqlo (1), Urban Outfitters (8), American Apparel (1), Club Monaco (1), Etsy (2), UncommonGoods (3), Peachdish (1)