'Frozen's Latest Victory Should Make Adele Very Worried

Holy crap, Frozen just keeps going. And going. I half expect that in 2024 Frozen 4: The Last Avenger will be coming out and "Let It Go" will still be in the top ten on iTunes. The music business will have been transformed, Beyonce will be asking Disney for a job, Kristen Bell will at last be our queen. Because this movie's been out since November and its soundtrack is still at the top of the Billboard charts, and its most recent week marks Frozen as the longest-running at number one since Adele's 21.

Adele spent 24 weeks at the top spot in the Billboard charts back in 2012; Frozen's only at eight weeks so far, but no one's done that well in the spot since the British singer, so they've still got (another) thing to feel proud about.

This comes on the heels of Frozen earning the distinction of being not only Disney's top-grossing animated film of all time but the world's highest-grossing animated film of all time. This also comes after two Oscars, countless covers by children and adults alike (including one used by firefighters to save a girl stuck in an elevator!), and a general cultural takeover.

Someone over at Disney has been rolling in a pile of money and Queen Elsa plushies for months now.

Image: Disney