Firefighter Rescued a Girl with 'Frozen's "Let It Go" Because This is America

In what's sure to become the Internet's most sought-after video request a firefighter/hero father used the smooth stylings of Frozen's cannot-be-stopped tour de force, "Let It Go" to soothe a child during an elevator emergency. We'll go ahead and be the first to ask the inevitable question, "Where is that video? Surely there must be video. C'mon, America: give us that video!" In a move that can only be described as "the power of Frozen compels you!", a Reading, Massachusetts dad/firefighter named Scott Myette used "Let it Go" to coax a young girl stuck in an elevator between floors to climb a ladder after becoming, well, (this is what you get now, America) frozen with fear.

"Just as my daughter was about to go up the ladder, she pretty much froze and said, 'No way, I'm not going up the ladder,'" explained mom, Kristin Kerr. That's when Myette and fellow dad-firefighter John Keough chatted the girl up and discovered her Frozen obsession. Because Disney princesses are unstoppable.

And as is the case with any female child under the age of 12, Myette and Keough's daughters had something in common with wee Kaelyn: they're "absolutely obsessed" with the film's theme song, "Let It Go."

"John said, 'Do you like the movie Frozen?'" said Myette. After nodding that she did, Myette's daddio instincts took the wheel and he pulled up the tune on his phone and sang the song for her — with Keough joining in, natch.

Confirming what the Internet already knew, momma Kerr stated: "It was easily one of the cutest things I've ever seen in my life." Which, uh, duh: singing dads is up there with tiny wrinkly puppy videos on the scale of Utter Cuteness.

As for Myette, he's slightly embarrassed to admit that he "pretty much knew all of (the words)," like any self-respecting dad (he's still a MAN, after all) would before backpedaling and rationalizing his own appreciation, "It's not a bad song, it just gets stuck in your head a little bit." That it does, Myette. That it does.

And now all that's left to do is wait for the inevitable video requests.