11 Christopher Suprun Tweets About Donald Trump That Show How Much Things Have Changed

Last month an elector from Texas named Art Sisneros resigned from the Electoral College to avoid voting for our current president-elect. On Monday a second Texas elector, Christopher Suprun, announced that he won't support Donald Trump on Dec. 19. Unlike Sisneros, Suprun didn't resign and therefore won't be replaced by another elector, meaning his vote will actually decrease Trump's total electoral vote count. Suprun's decision is reportedly the culmination of months of struggling to accept Trump's behavior.

Suprun first made headlines in August after openly speaking about his concerns regarding Trump's lack of discipline and conservative principles. "The nominee is … saying things that in an otherwise typical election year would have you disqualified," he said. While he later objected to articles suggesting he was considering voting for Clinton, Suprun initially said he would "never say never to anything" when asked if he would vote for the Democrat. He also pointed to his district's majority support of the former Secretary of State as a fact he felt obliged to consider. Since withdrawing his support from Trump, he has made sure to clarify that Clinton won't be getting his vote either.

Here is a collection of tweets showing Suprun's journey from not supporting Trump to reluctantly supporting him to ultimately rejecting him.

1. Trump Flip-Flopping On Abortion

Suprun occasionally tweeted a video clip of Trump on Meet The Press in 1999 in which he describes himself as "very pro-choice" and even being supportive of late-term abortions. It's clear Suprun didn't buy Trump's pro-life stance.

2. Trump Flip-Flopping On Healthcare

He seemed convinced that Trump was attempting to hoodwink his way into the White House.

3. Trump And The GOP

At this point, Trump was already his party's nominee. Suprun's frustration with Trump's attacks on the Republican party are apparent here, but he seems accepting enough to at least try and send him some advice on how to properly proceed.

4. A Little Praise For Clinton

Despite being on Trump's side at the time he posted this tweet, Suprun's distaste for his candidate is still there.

5. Light Mocking

Suprun's quip here shows he's not too impressed with Trump or his supporters' level of intellect.

6. When He Was Voting For Trump

Just a few weeks ago, Suprun was still planning on backing the president-elect.

7. Trump Is Qualified

Considering how Suprun's main reason for not supporting Trump is how unqualified he is, this tweet seems odd looking back.

8. Holding Him Accountable

Suprun sometimes sent messages Trump's way asking him to acknowledge his supporters' questionable behavior.

9. Not Presidential

By late November, Suprun's exasperation is getting more obvious.

10. He Tried To Tell Them

His previous tweet telling a Trump supporter that she was being conned is quite on point.

11. The Final Straw?

It wouldn't be surprising if this kind of tactic is what ended up pushing Suprun over the edge.

Seeing the steps it took for a Republican elector to finally disown Trump is certainly interesting.