When 'Arrow' Season 5 Returns, It Will Start Building Towards A Game-Changing Moment

The CW's four superhero series just accomplished an impressive feat: a crossover that spanned almost an entire week and lasted long enough to fill two whole films, involving Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and of course, the original, Arrow. Though the Invasion! crossover certainly would've been a suitable midseason finale, Oliver Queen and co. returned for one last episode on Wednesday, Dec. 7 before going on a winter hiatus. And yes, hiatus means temporary, so don't panic — Arrow Season 5 will definitely return to The CW soon. Though the network has yet to confirm the precise date of return for Season 5, according to TV Guide, Arrow will be back by Feb. 1, when it will be joined by the Season 4 premiere of The 100.

I'm holding out hope that Arrow will actually make its midseason debut a bit sooner, since many other CW series — including some other DC universe shows — return the previous week. Sure, Feb. 1 isn't that far away, but I'm already growing a little impatient. There are a lot of major things to look forward to in the second half of Arrow Season 5 and I can't be the only one eagerly waiting to see them.

The Potnetial For More Crossovers

I know the network just finished its most ambitious crossover yet, but it's not planning to stop there. In an interview with TVLine, Arrow boss Mark Guggenheim said that CW crossovers will be easier now that all of the shows' characters have interacted and tied their stories together. Of course, that doesn't mean the next one will definitely happen in the Spring 2017 season, as Guggenheim told the website, "we just barely survived this [crossover]. So we’re not too concerned with what we’re going to try to do next year."

Olicity's Baggage

Even when they're not technically together, Olicity are an Arrow constant, and Season 5 needs to address their disastrous breakup and Oliver's continued feelings for Felicity. These two are long overdue for an emotional moment.

Prometheus' Identity

The alternate history "Invasion!" episode revisited memories and moments from characters who have been killed or changed for years now. And, it was revealed that Prometheus is actually tied to Oliver's pre-Green Arrow identity. Finding out who Prometheus is and what they want will surely be a big part of the rest of Season 5.

More Cameos

One of the best moments of Episode 100 was seeing a cameo from arguably the greatest Arrow villain of all time, Slade Wilson, in addition to lots of other dearly departed characters. Since Prometheus is connected to Oliver's past, keep your eyes peeled for more surprise appearances.

More Team Shakeups

After the loss of Laurel, many members of Team Arrow distanced themselves from Oliver in order to grieve. To fill their spots, new warriors started training, while Felicity's new boyfriend, who happens to be a personality-free detective, started hanging around. By the end of the season, some of this has to change and at least one of these new characters is probably destined for death.

The Final Moment

And, last but not least, Guggenheim told TVLine in another interview that his original plan for the series finale, the conclusion of Oliver's flashbacks, will instead happen in the Season 5 finale. It's not clear where Arrow will go from there, but that will be a huge moment for the series that could change its very structure for the rest of its (hopefully long) run.

Images: Jack Rowand, Bettina Strauss, Diyah Pera/The CW; Giphy