'How I Met Your Mother' Finale Gets a New Ending Thanks To A Super Fan — VIDEO

OH THANK GOD. We've got a fixed ending to the How I met Your Mother finaleyou know, the one that mangled your heart and gave you trust issues? A super fan who's got some great editing skills gave us what we really wanted — well, what the title owed us from the start.

This alternative ending by television savior Ricardo J. Dylan is way more poignant and moving that what we got to watch on Monday, March 31. Ted Mosby and Tracy McConnell get to stay together — she doesn't die. He doesn't show to reclaim his relationship with Robin, blue French horn and odd "Aunt Robin" allusion and all. It's satisfying, simple, and what most of us think Ted would have wanted. Besides, it ends with the sentence that we all wanted the show to end with: "And that, kids, is how I met your mother." BAM. THERE YOU GO. THAT IS HOW YOU END A SERIES.

Unfortunately, that's not what co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas gave us. Still, what previously was only able to live on in our imaginations has now come to realization, and we can watch these three minutes and change for a bit to help us deal with our HIMYM loss.

Check it out below:

Update: Unfortunately, this edited version, has been removed from the Internet, and likely to ne'er be seen again. However, it can live on in our dreams.