'Hairspray Live!' Had A Two Exciting Cameos

The big night has finally arrived: Hairspray Live! is welcoming us back to the '60s. While there has been so much to love about Wednesday night's live performance from "Good Morning Baltimore" to the girl power anthem "Mama I'm A Big Girl Now," perhaps the most exciting easter egg for fans of Hairspray was Ricki Lake and Marissa Jaret Winokour's cameos. Harvey Fierstein, who originated the role of Edna Turnblad on Broadway and is playing her for Wednesday's performance, recently revealed to People magazine that Lake and Winokur were going to pop up in "Welcome To The '60s." He teased, "They’re going to be assisting when we get our big makeovers from Mr. Pinky." But it wasn't until the women actually popped up that it became very clear that this was the perfect moment to pay homage to all of the women who had played Tracy Turnblad in previous versions of Hairspray. Basically, they were the perfect cameos.

Both women popped up during "Welcome To The '60s," where the were two of Mr. Pinky's main beauty salon assistants. Adorned in glittery pink shop assistant's outfits and pink-streaked bouffants, Lake and Winokur definitely got the spotlight for a good moment or two. As they paused and let their cameo shine, there was an adorable tableau of three generations of Tracys on screen. The moment will definitely go down in Hairspray history as an iconic moment.

Lake was the first actor to play Tracy, appearing in the 1988 John Waters' film Hairspray. From there, Tracy has become a character emblematic of empowerment, youthful charm, and perseverance. The enduring likability of Tracy has been kept alive by the subsequent actresses who have played her. Winokur was one such actress. She originated the role of Tracy of Broadway, taking the mantle from Lake and laying the foundation for how the musical-version of Tracy would be played for years to come.

Seeing both Lake and Winokur onscreen tonight was such a sweet callback to the original film and Broadway versions of Hairspray. Alongside other exciting cameos (did you spot Rosie O' Donnell?), Hairspray Live! just might be the best thing on television of late.