The Best "Kids Introducing Themselves" Tweets From Your New Fave '80s Show — VIDEO

In what may very well be the last viral meme at the end of the godforsaken year that has been 2016, a meme of kids introducing themselves in their fully awkward '80s show glory has taken over this here internet. In a nutshell, it is basically a bunch of painfully enthusiastic children dancing and pumping their fists in the air while introducing themselves one after the other, but that description in no way is a fitting testament to just how insanely mesmerizing it is. It's like ... watching a really adorable car crash, that just keeps happening for two minutes that somehow seem like only one second but also an entire lifetime.

The theme song, a rendition of "Can't Stop The Music" by the Village People, aired on the first episode of Emu's Pink Windmill in the U.K. on Friday, July 13, 1984 on BBC. The song in its entirety was uploaded to YouTube in 2012, where it remained somewhat under the radar until this week, when the internet latched onto it as meme like a dog to an aggressively nerdy bone. For context, here's the video of the theme song — sorry in advance for partially destroying all chance you have of productivity today.

VideotapeFTW on YouTube

The use of the song as a meme began on Oct. 28, when Twitter user @TurboJimmy shared it with the caption "When someone new starts at work":

Despite its hilarity, it didn't really ~take off~ until Nov. 28, when it was uploaded to Reddit. From there a burst of memes of hilarious tweets came forth like a tiny rainbow after a ridiculously horrible Noah's ark-esque hail/fire-storm of doom and despair (in case there is any confusion, I am referring to the Year Of Our Lord 2016). Here are some of the golden ones on the internet right now:

~Tag Urself~

A Not So Idle Threat

When The Squad Goes Out

'80s Appreciation


Not to name names, but the upload on YouTube claims the child actors are Catrina Hylton-Hull, Hugh Harper, Sarah Jeffs, Emma Whitlock, Joe Greco, Spencer Newton-Roberts, Lorraine (whose last name may be Plummer), Anthony Hosier, Debbie Harper, and Abbie Shilling. Sorry, kids — the internet is forever, even when you thought you safely predated it.

May this precious, perfect cinnamon roll of a meme guide us into 2017 with gentle hands and grace our party playlists to ring in the New Year, y'all.

Images: YouTube