Where Are The Lost Boys From 'Hook' Now? Rufio & The Gang Have Stayed Busy

Critical naysayers can move aside; to me, the 1991 Peter Pan tale Hook is a perfect film. Perhaps it's because I grew up watching and re-watching the VHS tape, then the DVD, and now, I'll pause whatever I'm doing when I stumble upon in on television. Hook , which introduced me to Robin Williams and his greatness, is turning 25 years old this year. Crazy, right? While I could wax poetic about the ways in which Williams enjoyably and masterfully reinterpreted Peter Pan for modern audiences, I think it's even more interesting to discuss the exciting supporting cast: The Lost Boys.

In real life, many of the Lost Boys have grown up and slowly moved away from the acting sphere. Hook has become their calling card, but they are not defined by it. In fact, I find it so very interesting that only two of the cast members — Dante Basco and James Madio — have remained prominently in showbiz while the other actors have moved into other career paths. Tracking their journeys in the 25 years since Hook's Christmas 1991 release turns up a few surprises (we have a magician in our midst, guys!), but most notable is that each of the actors who played a Lost Boy has embraced their Hook roots; one look at the group reunion photo below is proof of that.

Dante Basco (Rufio)

Basco has maintained an active career in Hollywood. After playing Pan's petulant successor in Hook, Basco went on to work on film and television projects like But I'm A Cheerleader, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Take the Lead, and American Dragon: Jake Long.

Jasen Fisher (Ace)

Fisher, who played the eldest Lost Boy in Hook, moved away from acting and has maintained a relatively low profile. Aside from being occasionally spotted by a fan, Fisher has recently been reported to be working as a golf caddy. Check that out.

Isaiah Robinson (Pockets)

Robinson moved away from acting after Hook and channeled his artistic inclinations into music. He has performed with Aretha Franklin, R-Kelly, and Chaka Khan, among other noted musicians. In 2015, he was a teaching artist at Lookingglass Theatre in Chicago, but has since moved on.

Raushan Hammond (Thud Butt)

Hammond appeared in a few high-profile television shows after Hook , including ER and Tales from the Crypt, but still remains recognizable and lovable for portraying the portly Lost Boy Thud Butt. A quick perusal of Hammond's Twitter account reveals he is also an amateur magician.

James Madio (Don't Ask)

In Hook, Madio made his mark as the smart-aleck Don't Ask and regularly stole the spotlight from his fellow Lost Boys. Post-Hook, Madio has appeared in a plethora of films and television programs, including Band of Brothers, Jersey Boys, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Thomas Tulak (Too Small)

"You can do it, Pan the Man," is probably Tulak's most famous line from Hook and his performance as the adorably tenacious Too Small remains a standout in the film. Tulak is currently working as a filmmaker, director, musician, and actor.

Ahmad Stoner (No Nap)

Stoner had roles in some iconic '90s shows — including Sister, Sister, In Living Color, and Boy Meets World — before moving on to pursue other entrepreneurial ventures. Entertainment Tonight recently reported that Stoner resides in Houston, Texas and has launched a tech company.

Arthur Malet (Tootles)

Another beloved Lost Boy who literally and figuratively lost his marbles, Tootles was the one real world connection Pan had to his childhood in Neverland in Hook. Played by veteran actor Arthur Malet, Tootles was an endearing character at every turn. Malet passed away in 2013, but left behind an towering career in film and television. Notable appearances include Halloween, Mary Poppins, Anastasia, and The Secret of NIMH.

Cheers to 25 years since the amazing Hook was released in theaters!

Image: Disney; Movieclips/Youtube