Boxed Fireball Whiskey Is Available Just In Time To Toast & Roast 2016's End

"Fireball" isn't just an appropriate synonym for the Year Of Our WTF 2016, but also the name of the alcohol that's about to get ~lit~ at all your holiday parties. While all appreciators of this cinnamon-flavored delicacy already know its name far and wide, they may not know that you can buy Fireball whisky in a box, therefore saving you time and money you might have wasted individually purchasing and unscrewing the caps off several other massive plastic bottles of it. This really is the most magical season of all!

And truly, is there more fitting of a way to toast the end of this garbage year than by toasting and roasting its fiery demise? You can make it happen now for the low price of $58.99 a box! (Price is approximate and varies by retail location.) For context, there are approximately 80 shots in that boxed oblivion, so that's less than a dollar per Fireball shot. But to be fair, being able to say that you once purchased and physically dragged a box of Fireball whisky to your home is also ~priceless~.

Bonus: it has two plastic spigots, for 360 degrees of Fireball, y'all! Here's what FireBox from Fireball whisky looks like in all of its majesty:

The FireBox is available at alcohol retailers nationwide, but I'd call ahead if I were you — these babies are going fast, and heading all that way to not get one would be disappointing AF. If you're international, head to their website to see if there are any distributors near you.

This should go without saying, but just in case it does need saying, imbibe responsibly, my fellow humans. This is the kind of box you bring to your big blowout holiday parties where you invite your friends' friends' friends. It's worth noting that for a 140-pound woman, it only takes three shots to be legally drunk (check out a full chart for men and women here). So make sure you're staying hydrated, spacing out your drinks to at least every hour, and #raging responsibly.

In the meantime, be there, AND be square. (Like a box. Get it? I'm sorry. I'm out.)

Images: Fireball Whisky/Instagram