Does Kylie Cosmetic's Holiday Box Ship Internationally? This Holiday Surprise Will Keep On Giving

Kylie Jenner definitely wasn't lying when she said she had a whole lot of winter surprises up her sleeve. She's given some great deals thus far, and it's getting even better every single day. For her seventh 12 Days Of Christmas Sale, the company is offering the gift that keeps on giving. According to the site, the Holiday Box now ships internationally. That's just the beginning of the exciting news too.

Kylie Cosmetics has been back and forth with their international shipping. While some items are still off limits, you can breathe easy knowing that almost everyone can get in on the Holiday Box fun. Up until now, the seasonal set was off-limits internationally. Thanks to the 12 Days Of Christmas Sale, you'll be able to buy from wherever your little makeup-loving heart desires. According to the website, this isn't just a one-day perk either. You'll be able to order the box internationally any time throughout the holiday season.

There is one part of the deal that won't stick around though. If you buy on Dec. 7, you'll also get free international shipping. The deal will save you $14.95, which is the standard fee for the products going abroad. So while the Holiday Box might be pricey — $290 to be exact —at least you're still saving some cash.

The price of the box is definitely steep, but you have to consider all that you're getting. The set comes with eight full-sized matte lipsticks, two full-sized glosses, the Holiday Kyshadow Palette, and three crème eyeshadows. It also comes in a double door, fold-out box with Jenner's signature all over it.

According to the website, the company ships to most countries worldwide. Unfortunately they don't list exactly which places that means. If you're one of the lucky countries, your purchase will take anywhere from 10 to 15 business days to get to you.

So far, this is the only one of the 12 Days of Christmas Sale to last all throughout the entire season. Well, part of it. Don't wait too long to shop though, because none of these items stay in stock for long.

Images: KylieCosmetics/Instagram (1)