The Penis Coloring Book Is Finally On Sale, And It's (Probably) The Perfect Gift For Someone On Your List

Still looking for a holiday present to give your bestie? If so, you should know that a penis coloring book is finally on sale, and buying your friend's membership to The Pen15 Club is quick and dirty.

Adult coloring books have transitioned from trend to bookstore staple, and the market has recently expanded to include even more-adult-oriented options. Today, you can purchase adult coloring books filled with inspirational, NSFW adages, such as Chill the F*ck Out and F*ck Off, I'm Coloring. Also available are "paint-by-sticker" books, which require would-be artistes to painstakingly align tiny, individual stickers with numbered guidelines.

The Pen15 Club was created by two architects, Jen and Mira, who have elected to use only their first names in relation to the project, in order to protect future clients from seeing "dicks all over the place" when they google. Jen and Mira weren't satisfied by the current adult coloring book offerings — a lot of which "look like porn shots that have been turned into bad line drawings" — so they decided to draw their own.

Pen15 Club: Members Only Coloring features plenty of penis-stuffed mandalas, plus plenty of themed pages. Jen and Mira take on classic masterpieces, such as Grant Wood's — Ha! — American Gothic. Jen tells Cosmopolitan that "one of [her] favorites" is a piece called "Morning Wood," which features a lumberjack penis in a forest. Personally, I prefer the "Trumped Up Dick," available on Jen and Mira's Etsy store.

Pen15 Club: Members Only Coloring sells for $16 on Etsy, Amazon, and Indiegogo. Jen and Mira donate 10 percent of their profits to the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS). The penis coloring book is available for your pleasure today.

Image: the3cats/Pixabay