13 Places To Buy An Ugly Christmas Sweater

There are just some things that get some of us in the holiday mood every year without fail. For me, the list includes steamy hot cocoa, classic carols, and of course, ugly knitwear. If you have no clue where to buy an ugly Christmas sweater, stay tuned: Dozens of retailers have options that are not only atrocious (in a good way), but super affordable.

You don't have to be a fashion expert to find the perfect ugly sweater. Honestly, the best ones have everything but the kitchen sink sewn on without the slightest hint of organization. It's really a big mess, yet the chaos flows together so harmoniously. It's as if tackiness gets a pass when everyone's hopped up on eggnog and holiday spirit.

Of course, your sweater doesn't have to be total abomination to be a hit at your next holiday gathering. Pop culture-friendly knitwear is always highly favored, like the Drake "Hotline Bling" Christmas sweaters that took over during winter 2015. You can never go wrong with retro apparel that channels all of the great memories from past Christmases. And you can even put your DIY powers to good use by crafting a last minute ugly sweater.

Your hunt for a jaw-dropping, ugly holiday getup can begin without even pounding the pavement if you browse the inventory these 13 retailers have to offer.

1. Boohoo

Niamh Pom Pom Reindeer Christmas Jumper, $30, Boohoo

This UK retailer has it all. You'll find pullovers with 3D embellishments, pop culture references, and classic sweater patterns when you check out Boohoo's Christmas collection. The've even got sweaters for pooches on hand too, so your favorite furry friend can join in on the fun.

2. Macy's

Plus Size Rudolph Holiday Sweater, $24, Macy's

Department stores like Macy's have a wide range of festive wear on hand in varying sizes. It wouldn't be the holidays without a giant pom pom poking out of your torso, so you may want to stock up on a sweater like this while you still have the chance.

3. Ugly Christmas Sweater

3D Christmas Sweater with Stuffed Moose, $68, Ugly Christmas Sweater

Here's your holy grail site for ugly Christmas sweaters — it's in the brand's name, after all. A speciality site may cost you a little extra moolah, but you'll find whacky designs and embellishments that you just won't see in stores. 'Tis the season for splurging anyways, so why not take the plunge?


Sequin Santa Holidays Sweater With Pom Poms, $37, ASOS

No, these aren't the "classic" ugly sweaters, but you'll across some pretty awesome styles by ASOS. Plus, there's no rule that says your sweater can't be totes adorable.

5. Belk

New Directions Plus Size Elf Sweatshirt, $27, Belk

Belk has an entire collection dedicated to holiday wear, so expect a selection of sweaters that'll catch your eye. There isn't a snazzy reindeer or jolly snowman you won't find from this retailer. And at prices you can't beat, it's an ugly Christmas miracle.

6. Urban Outfitters

Vintage Assorted Holiday Cardigan, $34, Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters doesn't have a ton of styles to offer, but when the brand does Christmas sweaters, they do it right! Taking ugly holiday apparel back to its roots, Urban sells retro sweaters and cardigans sourced from actual vintage pieces. Make a purchase from the brand and you could really deem your sweater an original.

7. Target

Plaid House Ugly Christmas Sweater Cardigan, $24, Target

Yes to anything featuring plaid, poinsettias and dazzling trees. Target has plenty of hoodies and Christmas jumpers decorated to the nines. The super center is clearly all about the red, green, and gold.

8. Tipsy Elves

Beer Pong Sweater, $69, Tipsy Elves

A site like Tipsy Elves can really put you in trouble this holiday season. There's just too much amazing Christmas apparel to handle. A 3D sweater loaded with beer pong solo cups can truly make you the life of your next holiday party. The price may be a little steep, but it's not everyday that you find a sweater that's both tacky and functional.

9. Rusty Zipper

Multicolor Lightup Hand Embellished Ugly Sweater Vest, $57, Rusty Zipper

Many of the pieces on Rusty Zipper's site include vintage and upcycled elements. It's basically a DIY sweater you didn't have to slave over yourself. Snag a light up sweater if you want a showstopping garment to really go the distance this year.

10. Nordstrom

Christmas Tree Sweater, $26, Nordstrom

Whether you're an over-the-top kind of gal or a simple sweater is more your speed, Nordstrom has something that can satisfy all Christmas lovers. But a tinsel covered sweater will definitely turn a few heads, just saying.

11. Twinkle Deals

Crew Neck Christmas Jumper, $28, Twinkle Deals

Speaking of tinsel, Twinkle Deals has the ugly Christmas sweater game on lock. Transform yourself into a walking Christmas tree with a pullover draped in garland and ornaments. All it's missing is a few twinkling lights, but this sweater is still the real deal.

12. Sweater Store

Ugly Christmas Pullover, $40, The Sweater Store

Find vintage kintwear and new age designs in the Sweater Store's massive collection of Christmas clothing. Cardigans, vests, and even Christmas Hawaiian shirts are in stock for your party pleasure. Just don't lose your cool as each and every design leaves you awestruck.

13. Walmart

Christmas Tree LED Light Up Sweater, $34, Walmart

Make Walmart your destination for an inexpensive ugly Christmas sweater and you won't be disappointed. You'll be sure to find something to make grand entrances at holiday festivities without putting your wallet in a chokehold. That means less worrying about your festive getup and more money to spend on gifts for loved ones. Win, win!

You don't want to put off securing your holiday gear until the last minute. Get to shopping now that you know your ugly Christmas sweater options are limitless given all of the retailers available with just a simple click.

Images: Courtesy Brands