'Mozart In The Jungle' Has Enough Buzz To Return

The surprising yet riveting combination of sex, drugs, and classical music just returned to Amazon on Friday, Dec. 9, but I'm already looking ahead to a potential Mozart in the Jungle Season 4. The problem with streaming services that debut all at once is, I just can't stop myself from marathoning the whole season in just a few days. So by next week, I'll already want more, but we still don't even know if the series will return for a fourth season.

UPDATE: Amazon announced in December that Mozart In The Jungle Season 4 will premiere on Feb. 16, 2018.

EARLIER: Luckily, all signs point to Mozart in the Jungle being renewed. Not only is the show excellent in both writing and acting, but it's also received a ton of critical acclaim. With the show's multiple Golden Globe wins (one for Gael Garcia Bernal, and one for the entire series), it's tough to envision Amazon giving it the ax anytime soon. The show was something of a surprise winner, beating out more heavily favorited shows, like Transparent and Orange is the New Black — and it's also worth noting that Bernal beat out reigning champ Jeffrey Tambor for the Best Actor trophy as well.

Suffice it to say, Mozart in the Jungle enjoyed some nice buzz generated by its Season 2 award wins — and it might not be a coincidence that it received a third season pick-up shortly after the Golden Globes. The show was officially picked up for Season 3 in February of 2016, which means we can likely start keeping our eye out for any news of a fourth season in a couple months' time (unless Amazon wants to gift us with an early Christmas present, hint hint).

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MITJ Season 4 is definitely not a done deal yet, but if I were a Magic Eight Ball, I'd be saying something along the lines of "Signs point to yes" — because in addition to the show's critical successes, there's also the fact that its executive producer/showrunner/director Paul Weitz and his brother Chris Weitz, signed a deal with Amazon in March of this year. According to Deadline, the streaming service signed a two-year first look deal with the Weitz brothers' production company, Depth of Field.

The deal did not specifically mention Mozart in the Jungle, but it does specify that they will be developing new projects with Amazon — and Joe Lewis' (Amazon Studios’ Head of Half Hour Series) words were nothing if not encouraging: "We’re excited to continue our relationship with Paul and begin working with Depth of Field ... Their focus on humanist stories and their desire to make unique series of remarkable quality fits perfectly here and is a great win for customers."

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One would assume that means MITJ is safe for the next two years (or, next two years from March, when the deal was first made), right? Either way, we've got a great Season 3 to watch, and we can certainly keep our eyes peeled for any news of a potential Season 4 once we burn through it.

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