Rihanna's Velvet Puma Creepers May Comeback

Everybody loves a comeback. Rihanna's original trio of Puma Creepers returned for an encore nearly a year after their debut. The reprise quickly sold out and hasn't been restocked. Rihanna's velvet Puma Creepers made their grand debut via the Puma site and official Puma retailers on Thursday, Dec. 8. The velvet version is offered in cement, which is a gorgeous gray, a rich burgundy, and classic black, with the thick, platform sole matching the actual shoe color itself. They are luxe and have the ability to elevate any ensemble from street to chic, thanks to the fabric. As a Creeper wearer myself, I was way interested in the status of this shoe — is it limited edition? I was curious about several other elements, as well. Will this trio of velvet Creepers be restocked upon selling out, which is inevitable? Are their future drops planned? Additional colors on the horizon?

Bustle reached out to Puma PR reps to inquire about future drops, new colorways, and if there are plans to restock these colors upon selling out. But Creeper history is an indicator of their future — restocks are indeed rare. New colors are dropped once, sell out, and supply isn't replenished.

UPDATE: Puma PR responded to our email on Dec. 8, saying everything is still "TBD."

Creeper Mania is certainly a thing, among customers and fashion types. After all, the Creeper was named Shoe of the Year by Footwear News.

The velvet editions are $150 per pair and they are sharp AF. This version of the Puma Creepers hit on a big trend — monochromatic!

The gray version is the most unique.

The red pair offers the loudest pop of color.

The black pair can and will go with anything in your closet, adding a dose of prettiness to whatever outfit you are rocking.

The velvet Creeper is a killer way to close brand's amazing 2016 chapter. Here's to hoping future and multiple Creeper drops and restocks will dominate 2017. The fact that the shoes have been so hard to get only ups their desirability.

Images: Puma/Instagram (1); Puma SportStyle/Instagram (3); Courtesy of Puma (1)