23 Last-Minute Secret Santa Gifts

Let me guess…the clock is ticking and you still have absolutely no idea what to get that person whose Secret Santa you've been named. At this point, the party is rapidly approaching, and you now have to find a last-minute Secret Santa gift that will somehow make it appear as if you put at least some time and effort into your purchase.

Although the prospect of Secret Santa is sweet — especially if you’ve been assigned to your crush — it also means adding a lot of pressure and anxiety to your shopping list. It means having to actually find something thoughtful for that person, even if you don’t know a whole lot about them.

So, basically, I’m about to save your butt. The list below is for every person you could imaginably think of that exists in your life. Gifts perfect for the sophisticated, the workout buddy, the meal-planning guru, the stylish, the wine and tea snobs, the cat lady, the organized, the disorganized, the football fanatic, the coffee fanatic, and even the everything bagel fanatic. To top it all off, some gifts are even listed for those whom you barely know anything about. So stop sweating, and get to work. Time is still ticking.

1. Old And Hot Card

Old And Hot Card, $6, Read Between The Lines

For someone who is always about the gag gifts and funny cards when birthdays roll around.

2. Fly Away Tamer Headband II

Fly Away Tamer Headband II, $12, Lululemon

Have to find a gift for the athleisure obsessed girl, but know deep down you can never really afford anything that she loves? This headband won’t break the bank, and comes in numerous stylish patterns.

3. Everything Bagel Making Kit

Everything Bagel Making Kit, $25, Paper Source

Have that friend or co-worker that is obsessed with getting a bagel in the mornings? Save them the trouble of going out before work with this bagel creating kit! It could be fun to even pair with a bag of coffee beans.

4. People Will Stare Wall Jewelry Holder

People Will Stare Wall Jewelry Holder, $17, TJ Maxx

If you’re in charge of the jewelry-lover’s gift but super intimidated to get them any kind of bling, this is the probably the next best thing.

5. Foaming Bath Salts

Mer-Sea & Co. Foaming Bath Salts, $28, Anthropologie

For that busy friend or co-worker who is in need of a spa day but seems to never have time to treat themselves, give them the ultimate at-home treat.

6. Getting Pizza Exercise Mat

Getting Pizza Exercise Mat , $32, Dormify

For the workout buddy who feels no shame eating a whole large pizza with you after every yoga session.

7. Fairisle Snowflake Throw

Fairisle Snowflake Throw, $30, TJ Maxx

Because who in their right mind wouldn’t want a festive holiday blanket to snuggle under?

8. Artist Atelier Eau De Parfum

Artist Atelier Eau De Parfum, $16, Anthropologie

These perfumes actually have watercolor and acrylic designs from a Brooklyn-based artist. So, basically, that indie art-loving friend of yours will find this completely retro.

9. Coffee Spirit Animal Mug

Coffee Spirit Animal Mug, $13, Paper Source

Paired up with the Lorelai Gilmore of the office? This is probably the absolute perfect gift for them. Copper boom.

10. Cat-Lady Car Stickers

The Meow the Merrier Car Sticker Set , $7, Amazon

In case you have been paired with the beloved cat lover!

11. Bird Beak Scissors

Bird Beak Scissors, $22, Perch

If you’re assigned to the more sophisticated type, these scissors can look more like art when perched on a desk.

12. Hand Painted Metallic Tote

Hand Painted Metallic Tote, $25, Paper Source

Are you in charge of giving a gift to the girl with a green thumb? This stylish tote is the perfect gift for farmers market trips — and will fold up and pack nicely!

13. Office Photo Display

Prop the Question Photo Display, $25, Modcloth

Assigned to someone in the office that you never met before with absolutely no idea what to get? This office photo display/cup holder is a pretty safe purchase.

14. Personal Library Kit

Personal Library Kit, $16, Knock Knock Stuff

This is for the biggest book nerd out there – the one who loves to share their love of books with others by giving out their own books…but then never getting them back. Plus, what book lover would not like to have their very own library of books?

15. Football Playbook Glasses – Set Of 4

Football Playbook Glasses – Set of 4, $42, Uncommon Goods

These glasses are perfect for any football loving person who gets nerdy about every single play from any given game.

16. Darling Compact Mirror

Holly Drive Darling Compact , $30, Amazon

Perfect for lipstick lovers who want to make sure lipstick is not on their teeth because lipstick somehow always gets on teeth.

17. Rainbow Unicorn Mug

Elwood the Rainbow Unicorn Mug, $38, Uncommon Goods

Paired with the Luna Lovegood of your friend group? This rainbow unicorn mug looked like it pranced in from it’s very own fantasy land.

18. Holiday Wine Bags

Holiday Wine Bags, $6-8, West Elm

You know the wine lover just wants a bottle of wine to enjoy, so why not style it up with one of these festive bags.

19. Soup And Sandwich Ceramic Tray Duo

Soup and Sandwich Ceramic Tray Duo, $30, Uncommon Goods

This is for that person in the office who is always begging someone to go to Panera Bread with them to snag the soup and sandwich deal on the daily.

20. Out to Lunch Tote

Out to Lunch Tote , $30, Amazon

If you’ve been paired with that nutrition nerd who loves to meal plan and bring her lunches to work, set her daily routine up in style with this freaking adorable lunch tote.

21. Leather Zipper Case – Medium

St. Jude Leather Zipper Case, $24, West Elm

OK, so not only is this perfect for that friend whose purse is the equivalent of mass chaos, but this little organizing pouch actually will donate 50 percent of the proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Such a cute and caring gift!

22. 12 Blend Tea Set

Our Holiday Stars, $32, David’s Tea

This is basically every tea snobs dream: 12 different blends of tea to try for the holiday season.

23. Christmas Lights Coffee Traveler

Christmas Lights Coffee Traveler, $20, Starbucks

This is for that person at work obsessed with the red cups at Starbucks this year. Give them what they want, but all year round.

Images: Courtsey of the Brands