Miley Cyrus Denies Pregnancy Rumors, But A Tabloid Said Otherwise So Who Do We Believe?

Miley Cyrus is a singer, an actress, and a tongue poker-outer... but a mother? Yeah, I really can't picture that. It's not that I can't picture it ever happening, it's just hard to look at the photo above and go, "Now that's a lady who should drop everything devote her time to raising an infant." But yet, Miley Cyrus pregnancy rumors are out there and now Life & Style has published a cover story claiming that she is with fetus. In response, Miley Cyrus denied being pregnant through statements from her rep. The rep told Mail Online, "There's no truth to their story."

So there you have it. Miley Cyrus is not pregnant.

But wait! Would the rep really respond to the claim if she wasn't pregnant? What if that was just a lie to protect Cyrus and her womb of secrets. And what about that insider who spoke with Life & Style. Would they really just make up that they "don’t think she would even know who the father is, since she has been so promiscuous?" I mean, that's a pretty grand statement. And would Life & Style really just print that Cyrus is "Pregnant and scared after months of one-night stands and out-of-control partying" if she weren't actually pregnant? That'd be crazy, right? Printing stuff that isn't true and is based totally on a person who was motivated by the money the magazine gave them to give "information" about Miley Cyrus? Yeah, no one would do that.

Except they totally would and this is the world that we live in.

Seriously though, if you ask me, I have to agree with another source, albeit a more supportive one, who spoke with Hollywood Life. "Miley is definitely not pregnant. She takes the proper precautions for that not to happen, she is very smart about things when it comes to that and is not going to have a kid especially around this high point in her career."

Yeah! Miley is living it up! She has a tour that people are going to for some reason and weed to smoke and crazy outfits to wear and fake inner lip tattoos to get! She can't let a mini Miley get in the way of that.

Image: WeHeartIt