Miley's New Tattoo Is Making Us Sad

by Mallory Schlossberg

Now the lips that encase the infamous, lawsuit-inducing tongue have been permanently marked with sadness: Per a new post on her Instagram, it looks like Miley Cyrus just got a sad kitty tattoo on inside her lip. This shouldn't be surprising in the least, because it is Miley we're talking about, but still...the universe's constituents just lowered their heads.

Miley took a picture of her new lip tattoo (which must have hurt a shit ton to get!), giving us the opportunity to have even more fodder for our Miley Watch 2014. Bangerz aside — hot dogs! Bill Clinton BJs! Imaginary animals! — Miley's behavior outside of her craft and music has been getting a ton of attention, which makes it increasingly hard to believe that it's all about the music.

As stated previously, her tongue, which once just wagged about, silently crying, "VALIDATE ME," is now the tongue that launched a lawsuit. Additionally, her kissing has accrued criticism from Katy Perry (to paraphrase: "too much tongue! Where has that tongue even been!?"), so a sad kitty on her lips just seems about...well...unsurprising and fitting.

Her Instagram caption for the ouchworthy tat says, in true, unsurprising Miley fashion:" 😿 #sadkitty #fuckyeahtulsa @waynewontpostpicsofnakedwomen @katyweaver #lovemoneyparty #freakz."

Take a look for yourself and decide. I'll go #lovemoneyparty with the kind of thing that I prefer to put in my mouth and on my lips— hummus.

Images: mileycyrus/Instagram