The 'Spider-Man' Trailer Has A Nostalgic Song

If you've already watched the trailer for the new Spider-Man movie, you probably already have one nagging question: what is the Spider-Man : Homecoming trailer song? It's right on the tip of your tongue. You know it, it's so familiar, you've danced to it a zillion times, laughed, cried late at night to it. But it's not exactly the anthem you'd expect to be backing a movie coming out in 2017, because, if your gut is right (and it is), it's kind of an old song.

It is, of course, the wonderful "Time To Pretend," the lead single from American band MGMT's debut album, Oracular Spectacular from 2007. Does that make you feel old? That makes me feel old. That's almost 10 years ago, you guys. Anyway, when you run through those lyrics again, it becomes painfully obvious why the track was chosen despite it effectively being ancient history to what I'm going to assume is a significant percentage of Spider-Man: Homecoming's target audience.

Just call me Sherlock, because I've teased out the subtle nuances of the title. It's all about assuming a persona that's alien to you. Obviously, this track will have a certain resonance with you if you've ever pretended to be obsessed with Game of Thrones at a party to make it through the evening argument-free. However, I think it has even more significance if you're having to hide your spidey powers on the reg.

While not every single line in the song is perfectly tailored to Peter Parker ("I'll move to Paris, shoot some heroin and f*ck with the stars" seems a little much when you're still in your teens), the general vibe of the song about operating in your day-to-day life as if you're playing a part holds true for Parker. We see this more and more in the trailer, from when he has to make excuses to his teacher while watching videos of his exploits on his laptop, he makes excuses to the schoolmate he's crushing on about being "totally slammed" just before his Spidey self almost does get slammed — by a lorry. We see this more comically when he attempts to keep pretending after his friend has already seen him scaling the ceiling in his Spider-Man costume.

So, if you're a teen and reading this, exhale. You might think high school involves upping your phony stakes, but things could be worse: you could have to juggle hiding your secret identity, stopping crime and doing homework all at the same time.

Images: Marvel; Jimmy Kimmel Live/Youtube