Kanye West Appears In Public Post-Hospitalization Looking Healthy & Sporting A New Haircolor — PHOTO

Following his hospitalization for exhaustion on Nov. 21, Kanye West had not been seen in public, but now that's all changed. West appeared in public on Thursday night at the Rick Owens: Furniture exhibit at the MOCA Pacific Designer Center, according to People. In a photo shared of the artist, he looks healthy and like his usual self except for one key difference: the new hair color he's sporting.

As People reports, an artist named Giovanni Leonardo Bassan originally posted the photo on his Instagram. As you can see, while west is wearing a pretty standard Ye getup of black jeans and an oversized gray sweatshirt, his hair is now blonde. And I've gotta say, it looks good on him.

A lot of reports have come out about West, as well as his relationship with wife Kim Kardashian, since his hospitalization. It's been reported that he's been receiving outpatient treatment following his hospitalization, and on the crazier end of the spectrum, it was also reported that Kardashian was interested in divorcing West, a report which Kardashian's BFF Jonathan Cheban swiftly denied. (Kardashian's rep did not respond to Bustle's request for comment on that report.)

Regardless of what exactly is going on with West following being hospitalized and in his relationship with Kardashian, it's nice to see him looking well.

And, I've gotta say, reappearing at a furniture exhibition put on by Rick Owens could not be more of Kanye West-ian place to reemerge.