'Game Of Thrones' Emoji Recap Is Almost Perfect

by Alanna Bennett

Emojis probably don't fit with everything. Maybe don't add them to 12 Years a Slave, for example. But with Game Of Thrones, everything's fair game, so keep the emojis coming. Because really, what better way is there to remind yourself what went down in Game Of Thrones ' past few seasons than with some rather expressive text message figures?

As should be absolutely expected with anything even remotely related to Game Of Thrones, the video gets rather morbid rather quickly. Replacing all the faces of dead Starks with skulls? TOO SOON. Adding dragons and a bunch of loyal followers to Dany's journey, though? Perfect. And the explanation of the Lannisters (above)? Also perfect.

The fourth season of Game Of Thrones starts up soon on HBO — April 6, to be exact — and this emoji funfest just serves as a gleeful reminder of all the fun and, well, distress we're signing up for in our excitement for another season in Westeros. Because this "Game Of Phones" doesn't even cover one tenth of all the chaos that's been waging through the seven kingdoms these past few years, and we've still got plenty of books to work through, not to mention a whole lot of emotions.

The best part of "Game Of Phones," though? That'd be the Red Wedding, which goes from this:

To this:

Too real.

This is definitely the proper reaction:

Images: Cara Rose Defabio/Youtube