Could A Britney & Xtina Duet Really Happen?

Well, every other pop star duet rumor can pack up their bags and go home, because the pop star duet rumor to end all pop star duet rumors has arrived. And it is the only pop star duet rumor I need. Hint: It involves a possible Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera duet. While perusing music licensing website Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) earlier this week, Twitter user @TheChristinaVIP spotted and screengrabbed the credits for what appears to be a different rendition of Spears' “Do You Wanna Come Over?." And by "different rendition" I mean "life-altering remix": Apparently, Spears, Aguilera, and La Bouche are listed as performers on some version of the Glory track. Holy 2003 VMAs, I hope this is actually a thing.

A Brit Brit and Xtina collaboration almost two decades after their iconic pop rivalry began? Are you kidding me? It would be beyond. Forget about Pinky and Stinky; Spears and Aguilera is The Mickey Mouse Club reunion I would give anything to see happen. Oh, and adding '90s dance-pop duo La Bouche to the mix? All of it would be… *takes deep breath* *cracks knuckles* *gives self high-five* … a sweet dream (oh la, oh la, ay) come true.

Yes, an Xtina and La Bouche remix of "Do You Wanna Could Over?" sounds as incredible as a shoebox of mint condition HitClips cartridges, and yes, I want to believe this screengrab means what I hope it means, but I should probably wait before I set up camp on cloud nine. As @TheChristinaVIP was quick to point out, the APRA listing does not necessarily guarantee a Spears and Aguilera collab.

Just when I was about to to spiral, @TheChristinaVIP serves up a reality check. Thank you, @TheChristinaVIP. I needed it. Don't get me wrong, I'm still all in on this rumor. However, for the sake of my own well-being, I should probably email my heart and tell it to chill out.