Dream Kardashian's New Photo Is So Cute

If the Kardashian family is known for anything (besides pretty much taking over the letter "K") it's on-point marketing via social media. Dream Kardashian may be not ready to walk yet, but Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's baby is already falling in line with the family image, as Dream turning one month old was celebrated through social media. But that's not the only family image Dream K is copying — she also happens to look a whole heck of a lot like her father, Rob Kardashian. She resembles Blac Chyna as well, but that hairline is pure Rob.

On Sunday, Dec. 11, Dream's parents, shared an image honoring the baby's first month of life on her already-huge Instagram. In the photo, baby Dream rests on her back in an adorable onesie sprinkled with pink hearts. Next to her head (which seriously has a luxurious amount of hair on it for belonging to a baby), a sign reads, "1 Months." Guys, I think this means we're going to get a snapshot chronicling Dream's birth every single month. That's going to definitely be some work day motivation.

Dream was born Nov. 10, and since then, she has added greatly to the amount of cute Kardashian-kid content in the world. Yesterday, Kylie Jenner got in on the one-month birthday fun and spent some time with the infant. She shared a snap holding little Dream, who, by the look on her face, is trying so hard to figure out the world.

But by way of Snapchat, Blac Chyna is the one who's really bringing home the precious Dream Kardashian material. In one, she reminded her viewers of who Dream really looks like — Rob — by calling the baby "Rob's Twin." That hair? That nose? I can totally see it.

In another snap, Blac Chyna gushes over her baby, saying, "Hi pretty girl. Look at those eyes! Look at those pretty eyes." Aww.

Happy one-month birthday, Dream, and congrats to the whole family. And hey, while baby Dream might look like her father now, she could totally end up looking more like Chyna later on.

Images: dream/Instagram; blacchynasnapchats/Instagram; blacchyna/snapchat; robandchyk/Instagram