16 Dirty Jokes You Missed In 'Fuller House'

Ah, I love watching good ol' family-friendly television and nothing fits that category more than Full House. You'd probably assume that, by extension, Fuller House does too, right? Wrong. When Netflix updated the classic series, it got a little more adult in the process. There are so many dirty jokes in Fuller House Season 2 — and, no, not all of them can be blamed on Bob Saget. A majority of these jokes would go over the heads of any kids watching, though, and instead keep things interesting for the adult viewers. Netflix knows that the audience watching Fuller House includes Full House fans who are all grown up. So, every once in a while the show throws in a more adult joke to keep viewers on their toes.

I'll be honest, there were so many of these slipped-in jokes that it was hard to catch them all. A few probably went over my head too. But I did collect a whopping 16 of them, so that's certainly saying something about the 13-episode family favorite. It's all in good fun and I'm glad that the cast was able to make a few dirty jokes land amongst the hugs and life lessons. Even D.J. had several not-so-PG things to say. Check them out below.

1. Bacon & Breezes

In Episode 2, Fernando is wearing a short pink robe with nothing on underneath because he likes "a fresh breeze in the morning." Later, he also bends over, exposing himself to his family, which is honestly scarring. Oh, and he mentions that "no one can resist my bacon," which may have been about the food, or maybe something else...

2. Dirty Dad Jokes

When he was set up on a date with D.J. in Episode 2, Alan Thicke's character was full of dirty dad jokes. "You’re a spunky little chicken and I like that," he tells D.J. at one point. He also lets her know that everything is all good "under the hood" and makes "vroom vroom" noises.

3. Stephanie Flirting

In Episode 2, Steph lets her burgeoning beau Jimmy know that she wants "the whole happy meal." Again, not so much about the food, here.

4. Apple Juice Facts

Max heads to the bathroom in Episode 3 remarking that "you don't buy apple juice, you just rent it." Although much more innocent than most of the other dirty jokes, this one is still gross.

5. Kimmy & Fernando's Love Life

In Episode 7, Kimmy lets the audience know a little too much about her relationship. "I haven't had this much leather on since Fernando went through that phase," she says. TMI?

6. R-Rated Photos

In Episode 11, Kimmy asks D.J. if if her boyfriend liked the pictures she sent of her new dress. "Who said the dress was on?" D.J. answers. In the end she reveals that it was, in fact, on — but, still, that was some serious dirty talk for her.

7. TMI

Fernando frequently takes things to an uncomfortable level and he does it again in Episode 9 when he says, "I cannot find my banana hammock. Never mind I'm wearing it." Too much information, dude.

8. Hitting On Uncle Jesse

When Becky and Jesse meet with an adoption official in Episode 9, she develops a crush on Jesse and tells him, "You’re so cute, I could just adopt you all night long." There was no shame in her game, but I hope that the young viewers didn't know what she meant.

9. Danny's Window

Kimmy reveals in Episode 9 that, growing up, her window looked right into Danny's. That's creepy enough without her adding, "I can tell you anything you wanna know and plenty you don't."

10. Monkey Business

In Episode 9, a monkey gets a little too friendly with Danny's leg cueing Kimmy to say, "Come on, the audience loved it... and so did the monkey."

11. D.J.'s Wedding Night

In Episode 10, D.J. gets so excited about New Kids On The Block that she says, "Oh, mylanta" three times. This prompts Stephanie to say, "A triple mylanta? I haven’t heard one of those since your wedding night." All I really want to address here is why was Steph within earshot on D.J.'s wedding night?

12. Screaming With Pleasure

In Episode 10, Steve says, "Ladies I’m going to make all three of you scream with pleasure," after he gets them tickets to NKOTB to which Stephanie just responds, "I'd like to see you try." Doesn't seem like she's Team Steve, does it?

13. That Britney Reference

Kimmy spanks Fernando in Episode 11 and he replies, "Ooh, hit me baby one more time," which is not the appropriate way to use that Britney Spears song, OK?

14. Troublemaker

When Steve reveals in Episode 11 that he never returned his high school copy of Lord of the Flies, C.J. tells him he's a "naughty boy," which would be bad enough but then Steve answers "Maybe you should make me write, 'I'm a naughty boy' on the blackboard 100 times." And, then C.J. says, "Maybe I will." *Insert screaming emoji here*

15. Kimmy's Problem

During her high school reunion in Episode 11, Kimmy accidentally broadcasts a voicemail from her doctor letting her know her yeast infection should clear up soon and she'll be "back in action by the new year." Hey, that kind of stuff happens to the best of us, right?

16. Package Puns

Closing out the series, D.J. makes a joke about how her boyfriend hasn't shown up yet, saying, "There’s a package... though not the package I was looking for."

While the Full House fan in me still squirmed a bit when D.J., Stephanie, and co. made these kind of jokes, it's cool that Fuller House has been updated so that adults can laugh at it too. And most kids won't pick up on all the double entendres anyway, so what's the harm in a little grown-up humor?

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