All The Yankee Candles Affected By The Recall

by Lara Rutherford-Morrison

Candles are an easy gift option for those “impossible-to-shop-for” people on your list, but you’ll need to be careful about them this year. The Yankee Candle Company has issued a voluntary recall of its “Luminous Collection” candles. I’ve got the full list here of which Yankee Candles are being recalled, so be sure to check the item numbers of your candles before lighting them or giving them as gifts. Bustle has reached out to Yankee Candle for comment and will update upon reply.

Last week, the Yankee Candle company announced that it’s working in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall candles from Luminous Collection line, due to reports of the candle’ glass jar cracking when the candle is lit, and thus posing a “laceration hazard.” Eek. In a press release, Hope Margala, President and CEO of the company, wrote, “At Yankee Candle we pride ourselves on having the highest standards of quality. Out of an abundance of caution and a firm commitment to safety, we have decided to request the immediate return of all Luminous Collection candles.” According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 16 customers have reported instances of the glass jars breaking, though, thankfully, no one has been injured.

It shouldn’t be too hard to determine if you have any of the recalled candles. These candles are distinctive looking, with a square base and textured, rustic-looking glass. Each one has three wicks. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that about 31,000 of them were sold in Yankee Candle stores and on the Yankee Candle website between September and November of 2016, for about $35.

The Yankee Candle Company is recalling all Luminous Collection candles, which come in six scents:

  • Sea Salt & Coral (1535651)
  • Blackberry & Sage (1535890)
  • Apple Blossom & Melon (1535891)
  • Sugarcane & Honey (1535892)
  • Pine & Sandalwood (1535893)
  • Cinnamon & Cedar (1535894)

You can check the recalled candles’ product numbers (listed above) against your own candles; the numbers will be printed on the bottom of the glass jars.

If you have one of the recalled candles, DON'T light it, but do take it to a Yankee Candle store for a full refund. The company says it will also give you a free candle of your choosing to make up for any inconvenience.

Images: Jessica Lia/Stocksy