This Wizardry & Witchcraft Palette Drops Soon

by Teresa Newsome

Listen up, wizards and muggles alike, because there's an other chapter in the story of the highly anticipated release date of the Wizardry and Witchcraft Palette from Storybook Cosmetics. What used to be just whispers and rumors of potions and magic is now a real thing, with swatches to drool over and packaging to eyeball for days. While there is still no exact release date (I know! It makes me sad, too!) Storybook Cosmetics has hinted on their Instagram that this magical palette will drop sometime in 2017.

If you're obsessed with the brand, or even just this palette, you know that Storybook Cosmetics takes their products very seriously, listening to fan feedback and going back and forth until their products have the perfect formula, pigmentation, and selection of shades. They don't rush their magical pallet product release dates, no matter how much the fans are screaming and begging to give them all their money. And it looks like they nailed it. The early swatches show matte and metallic shades in everything from creamy neutrals to popping, shimmering reds and blues. You'll be able to channel looks from every house, every feel, every character, and every daydream you've ever had about getting your Hogwarts invitation letter. Let's drool over some swatches, shall we?

That metallic red, tho! My heart...

Did you see that blend? I had to double check to see if these were creams. They're not. Holy ham sandwich. Want.

So sparkly. So pigmented.

I know it seems kind of cliche at this point to talk about how magical these are, but there aren't any other suitable words. They're

My inner Hermione is busting at the seams to get my hands on one of these Wizardry and Witchcraft palettes. But then I'd be torn between using it all, every day, forever, and not using it at all, so there's never a day when it's gone and I can't gawk at it. As far as I can tell, the best way to keep tabs on when it will be released is to follow Storybook Cosmetics on Instagram. I have a feeling 2017 is going to be the most epic year for makeup in the history of faces.

Images: Storybook Cosmetics/Instagram