Instagram Live Video Is Finally Here!

Ever since Instagram announced that a live broadcasting feature for Stories was on the horizon, we’ve all been wondering just one thing: When? When is Live Video in Instagram Stories coming? Well, my friends, we’ve finally got answers: That time is now. On Monday, Dec. 12 (that’s today!), Instagram Stories Live Video will be rolled out across the entire United States. It’s a holiday miracle!

Instagram Live Video first landed on our radar back in November. A feature for Instagram Stories, it allows users to broadcast videos live, rather having to pre-record them and post them later; what’s more, videos broadcast live on Instagram Stories will disappear from the app as soon as you’re done filming them, ensuring that they'll be as ephemeral as an IRL conversation.

We weren’t initially given a release date for the feature; all we knew was that it would be rolling out globally over the following weeks. And apparently Instagram wasn't kidding, as it’s been exactly three weeks to the day since we first learned about the pending arrival of Live Video for Stories. Many thanks, Instagram; punctuality is always appreciated.

Using Live Video in Instagram Stories is easy: All you have to do is swipe right from your feed to open the camera — same as always — and then select “Start Live Video” to broadcast for up to one hour.

Like Facebook Live, your friends might get a notification when you start filming a live video on Instagram; you can also either pin a comment so all your viewers can see it, or switch comments off completely.

Wondering how you watch a Live Video in Instagram Stories? Well, that's super easy, too: Head over to the Explore tab and select “Top Live.” That’ll show you the most popular live videos broadcasting right at that very moment.

You’ll also be able to see anyone broadcasting live right up at the top of your feed, the same way you can see who’s got a regular ol' Instagram Story for you to view.

To check out Live Video in Instagram Stories, make sure you’ve got the latest version of the app installed — without it, you won’t be able to experience the wonder. Once you’ve got that installed, you should be good to go. Happy ‘gramming!

Images: Courtesy of Instagram