Seth Rogen Is The Most Secure Man in Hollywood & We Need More Dudes Like Him

I love a man who’s comfortable with his sexuality. Promoting his upcoming film Neighbors on Conan Tuesday, actor Seth Rogen revealed that he thinks that co-star Zac Efron is “the sexiest motherf---er alive.” Uh, der. Welcome to the club! It’s statements like these that just might make Rogen the most secure man in Hollywood.

Neighbors, a comedy about a young couple with a newborn baby that suddenly finds themselves living next door to a raucous college fraternity, actually looks like it could be pretty funny. And judging by the trailer, the movie will rely heavily on Efron’s unparalleled sexiness in order to put butts in the seats. I mean, he’s shirtless in just about every scene. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

“My body is like one big bump, and his is like 87 different little bumps that come together,” Rogen told Conan O'Brien. “In the movie, I make a joke, it’s like his whole body is like a giant arrow that points to his d—k. It’s like someone designed the muscles to draw your eyes down from his gorgeous face and suddenly it’s like a Plinko game with your eyes."

Rogen is saying all the things that I’ve been thinking for years. It’s so refreshing to see a male celebrity who’s so consistently comfortable with his sexuality. I mean, remember Rogen’s parody of Kanye West’s “Bound 2” music video? The one where he appears shirtless on the back of a motorcycle, cuddling and caressing actor James Franco? Who could forget!

Rogen, who has been married to his wife Lauren Miller for 10 years, has no problem admiring a fine physical specimen like Efron, and he doesn’t feel the need to qualify his comments or invoke the always-charming, “no homo.” It’s great. Gosh, Rogen is just so darn likeable. Don’t believe me? Try listening to this YouTube video of his adorable laugh for 12 minutes straight and then tell me how you feel.

Check out Rogen’s Conan interview below. Neighbors hits movie theaters nationwide on May 9. Not only does it star Zefron, it also stars sexy Dave Franco, a.k.a. the only Franco who matters. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

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Images: TBS; zefron-daily/tumblr