11 Last-Minute Gifts For Superhero Fans

With caped crusaders dominating pop culture in 2016 with movies like Suicide Squad, Doctor Strange, and X-Men: Apocalypse, then on television with Luke Cage, Supergirl, and Gotham to name a few — it's clearer than ever that people love superheroes. With the holidays fast approaching, chances are that there is someone on your gift list who has a favorite Marvel or DC character. What are some last-minute gifts for the superhero fan in your life? As a fan who dabbles in superheroes on television, in the movies, and on the page, I've got you covered.

Since one of the biggest concerns with last-minute gifts is shipping. When the clock starts ticking, you don't want to risk your gift not arriving on time. Therefore, the options below are all available on either the speedy and shipping cost-free Amazon Prime, or a store that you can physically visit at the mall, on the way home from work, or even at the airport before the big day. As much as I love geeky gifts from Etsy and smaller stores, they are definitely better for the more prepared shopper with time to spare. Here are some things you can easily grab to give to that special superhero-lover.

1. A Pop Funko Figure

Civil War Hawkeye Spiderman, Iron Man & Captain America Keychain, $12, Amazon

Honestly, this is your best bet. They are reasonable, sold everywhere and there are so many of them. Everyone's favorite character is represented, though they range in price. Depending on the character and the seller, you can grab a figure for anywhere between $7 and $25. It's truly the perfect last-minute gift. If you can't decide, there's this gift set on Amazon that includes two key chains and two figurines.

2. This Agent Carter Dress

Marvel Agent Carter T-Shirt Dress, $42, Hot Topic

This Her Universe Hot Topic dress from, which ranges in price from $41.93 - $44.73 and is also available in plus sizes, is the perfect subtle cosplay item for women who know their value. Kohl's also has some Her Universe products for Captain America fans that are a bit cheaper.

3. A Volume Of Comic Books

Sometimes comic book stores can be intimidating, with so many choices and strong opinions flying around. However, grabbing a paperback volume with someone's favorite character. My favorite place to start is with Kamala Khan, a young Muslim teenage superhero who is a new addition to the Avengers. The first volume of her story costs $11.81 on Amazon. Some other suggestions include Watchmen, Civil War, Saga, Spider-Gwen, Midnighter, or one of the many popular X-Men runs.

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4. Black Widow: Forever Red

If graphic novels aren't your thing, this recent YA novel by Margaret Stohl has gotten a lot of love. It's $10.58 in hardcover and $6.90 in paperback on Amazon.

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5. Deadpool Pajama Pants

Deadpool Knit Pajama Pants, $17, JCPenney

Many department stores have superhero designs now. No matter the taste and preferences of the person you're shopping for, you're bound to find something they'll like. These comfy $17 (on sale) holiday-themed lounge pants from JCPenny featuring the "merc with a mouth" are one of my favorites.

6. Wonder Woman Room Decal

Wonder Woman Room Decal, $18, Target

At Target, they have tons of DC universe stuff that you can get while running errands. These stick-on decals, $18, are super different.

7. A Shiny Blu-Ray

Rogue Cut Of X-Men: Days Of Future Past , $13, Amazon

Most of us stream our movies these days, but that doesn't mean fans won't appreciate a physical copy with behind the scenes extras. They also likely won't already have interesting picks like the $13 Rogue Cut of X-Men: Days of Future Past . I would also suggest buying blu rays of older superhero films in case your giftee has them on DVD (or even VHS) and needs to upgrade.

8. Fangirl's Guide To The Galaxy

Kids these days need to know the basics. Only $12 on Amazon, Sam Magg's book is an excellent read for those just getting into any kind of fandom.

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9. A Tsum-Tsum

Marvel Universe ''Tsum Tsum'' Mini Plush Collection, $4, Disney Store

If you can brave the Disney Store this time of year, these bizarre plush Marvel figures are cheap at $4 to $6 each, easy to grab on the go, and the perfect stocking stuffer.

10. This Cute Supergirl Ornament

Supergirl Ornament, $20, Amazon

These are sold at Hallmark and Target for $8 — and there are a few designs.

11. A Batman Moleskine

Moleskine 2017 Batman Limited Edition Weekly Notebook, $25, Amazon

Moleskine has a beautiful line of Batman, Superman, and Joker products right now. A $25 planner for the new year is always a sensible gift, and easy enough to obtain at the last minute. See? The stores are chock full of superhero merchandise. Even if you are down to the wire with your holiday shopping, there's no need to panic.

Images: Amazon (4), Hot Topic, JCPenny, Target, Disney Store, Hallmark, Moleskine