Watch These Movies After 'Fuller House' Season 2

I know I wasn't alone in marathoning Fuller House Season 2 last weekend after the new episodes dropped on Netflix on Friday. So that means you too are probably feeling sad that there's no more episodes left to watch after the season finale, in which the Tanners, the Fullers, and the Gibblers celebrate the upcoming New Year. But don't worry, Netflix knows what you should watch after finishing Fuller House Season 2, according to a press release that reveals the viewing habits of people who marathon TV shows on the streaming service.

According to Netflix, most people who marathon TV series don't immediately turn to another show — viewers tend to opt for movies instead. "After finishing a series, a majority of Netflix members (59 percent) take a pause, usually lasting three days, before committing to a new show," the press release said. "During that break, more than half (61 percent) watch a movie to keep the [marathon] feeling alive." That's totally understandable, because everyone needs a break after taking in an entire season of a show, even if it's as delightful as Fuller House. So how can you keep that feeling alive? The streaming service said that most people watched the classic movie Grease after indulging in the revived '90s sitcom, as well as the feel-good movies 13 Going On 30 and Chef.

Even before knowing this, I did have a sudden post-Fuller House craving to re-watch Grease Live!, the Fox live musical based on the movie, which is currently on Netflix — and now I know why. It's true that the movie musical definitely shares the same feeling as the sitcom. Grease is a beloved classic that feels like a throwback to another era, in which hi-jinks ensue, love seems to work out in the end, and the endings are happy — just like Fuller House. In fact, Carly Rae Jepsen played Frenchie in Grease Live! and she just so happens to also sing the Fuller House theme song.

13 Going On 30 is another feel-good movie, which stars Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo. The 2004 comedy combines '80s nostalgia and music with an adorable story about two childhood best friends finding each other again in adulthood and falling in love, as well as magical pixie dust that can somehow trigger time travel (just go with it). The rekindled romance may remind Fuller House fans of the show's own almost-reconnected romance: DJ Tanner-Fuller and Steve Hale.

As for Chef, it's a great film, but it took me by surprise when I saw it as a movie Fuller House fans tended to watch. Jon Favreau wrote, directed, and starred in this 2014 comedy-drama about a chef who quits his cushy restaurant job to start a food truck. Maybe it's the fact that Favreau's character bonds with his son during their time in the food truck. Perhaps it's because the movie is as much about family as it is about food. Or it could be because viewers are craving food after hearing Steve talk about raiding the fridge on Fuller House.

I also want to point out that Becky and Jesse's twin sons Nicky and Alex moved to Los Angeles to start a fish taco truck in the show, so maybe watching Chef is the viewer's way of seeing what that might be like for them.

It's good to know that even after marathoning Fuller House, there are options on Netflix to keep the feeling alive as fans wait for Season 3 to drop.

Images: Michael Yarish/Netflix; Netflix; Giphy (2)