The New Emojis Are Here!

by Kaitlyn Wylde

I think we can all agree that the introduction of emojis to Apple's iMessage has changed the way we all communicate. It's given everyone a way to express themselves when they can't find the words. Now, with a new update, you can get even more expression with the best new iOS 10.2 emojis.

Yes, that's right, just when you thought they made all the emojis there could be, there's more. The folks over at Apple have expanded the already vast varieties of characters and with that, upgraded out texting game, major. The new iOS update comes with 72 new emojis that help to round out the collection. In it, gender norm clichés are challenged, cultural trends are recognized, and hundreds of new images promise to fill the void our vocabulary often leaves. Plus, many of the pre-existing emojis have been revamped, updated, and enlarged. If you've been paying attention to the updates over the years, the emojis keep getting cuter, more realistic, and more relevant.

If you don't see the new emojis in your keyboard, head over to your phone settings and check to see if an update is available. You'll need to be on iOS 10.2 in order to get your paws on them. For now, though, here are a few of my favorites:

Face Palm

How many times have you literally typed-out "face palm"? Now you don't have to. This emoji will do it for you!

Liar, Liar

When you've been caught in a lie or have a feeling someone is lying but want to keep the mood light, this little buddy is going to come to your rescue.

Drool Face

Personally, I use the word "drool" quite a bit, to comment on anything from food to something cute to my current state of being. I can guarantee this guy will quickly make his way to my recently used page.

Computer Girl

Because this is all of us. Now we have a collective self-portrait, thanks emoji!

Farmer Girl

Girls are farmers too! This is one of the many efforts at neutralizing gender in the emoji land and it's super rad!

Sick Face

The sick face has been re-vamped to look even sicker and even sadder than before!

Pregnant Woman

This update only reminded me of how crazy it is that there wasn't a pregnant woman emoji before! I can't wait until someone uses this emoji to tell their partner that they're pregnant.


Because sometimes you just need a strong drink. Now, you can express that.


Was there seriously no pickle before? How did we live without the pickle emoji? Will this put the eggplant emoji out of business?


Finally, women painters get some recognition! This cutie is perfect for expressing yourself when you're feeling artsy.

Wilting Rose

For when you're feeling really dramatic and like love is dead — where was this emoji when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt split up?!


For the health nuts, now there's a salad!

Check them all out here:

And then start expressing yo' self!

Images: Apple (12)