Moms Share Deets About The Moment They Conceived

Odds are you and your mother have discussed the birds and the bees, but I'm guessing very few have us have discussed the bird and the bee in much detail. Enter this Cosmopolitan video where mothers tell their daughters about the moment they were conceived, and discuss just that! In a hilariously awkward compilation of three mothers and daughters, each explains the circumstances behind their conception, all of which are a little too relatable to fully dissociate yourself from them. Parents: they're just like us!!

I mean, my primary question here obviously is how on earth people know which particular sex was the sex that made a baby. Do we all just magically know when the time comes? Is it like on the Sims, where there's romantic music and then, inexplicably, rose petals start wafting off the bed, and three Sim days and a pack of Cheez-Its later, your progeny is born? My shaky grasp of basic human biology aside, this was not only LOL-worthy watch, but really one of those things that makes you appreciate the effort the universe/your parents took in creating you a whole lot more. That being said, probs not going to hit up my own mother about this anytime soon.

In celebration of this video, here are, in my humble opinion, the best three reaction shots from our unsuspecting daughters:

"We probably have five minutes, so let's just do this, and go make a baby."

Listen, sneaking away from a toddler is no joke. Sneaking away from a toddler to have sex in the next room? MVPs. Most valuable parents.

"We thought that nobody was going to come up that way, we thought we were hiding ... and my uncle pulled up behind the car."

SURPRISES COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES!!! And some of them turn into babies. And excellent conception stories.

"It was Easter, I was supposed to be in church."

Clearly they were busy dealing with some very different eggs at the time.

In any case, this has made me deeply look forward to a time some 30 - 35 years from now when I plan on virally embarrassing my own daughter in this fashion. Sorry not sorry in advance!

Images: Facebook Video