Gift Ideas For The Beloved Pet Lover In Your Life

by Kiersten Hickman

If your friend takes “dog is man’s best friend” to the ultimate extreme, then you know deep down that what they really want for Christmas are gifts for their pets. Or, to show off their pet pride in some wearable capacity. Either way, these pet lover gift ideas will help you give your bestie what they actually desire.

There gifts are for all types of pets — not just dogs and cats. There are gift ideas in here for reptiles, birds, and even fish. Some are practical, while other are just plain adorable. There are outfits listed for pets as well as pet parents, including everything from holiday treats to even a stylish collar that will help you never lose Fido every again. Seriously, it’s amazing.

You will also find some gifts for the pet parents, you know, to show off their parenting pride. Because what parent wouldn’t want to show off their kid? Especially when it uncontrollably loves to cuddle you and lick your face. I mean, humans obviously don't do that - at least not the extent that a pet will. So basically, pets are the best kids ever, so help your pet-loving friend show off. Or maybe treat yourself!

1. Small Animal Bed

Small Animal Bed, $78, Etsy

Is your cat or dog obsessed with nibbling at your shoes? This may or may not help to satisfy their shoe biting dreams (figuratively and literally), but it’s worth a shot.

2. Gold Dog Necklace

Gold Dog Necklace, $20, Etsy

Although this necklace is a Corgi, this particular Etsy artist has multiple other dog designs available. She also creates necklaces for cats, sloths, alpacas, deer, koalas, crabs, tigers, lions, foxes, and more.

3. Glow In The Dark Bowls

Glow in the Dark Bowls, $8.99, Petsmart

Have a friend who owns a reptile of some sort? These bowls are perfect for food, especially when trying to feed it at night.

4. Holiday Macaroon Dog Treats

Holiday Macaroon Dog Treats, $4.89, Petsmart

Treat the pup to something delicious this holiday with this set of five macaroons!

5. Cat A-Line Skirt

Cat A-Line Skirt, $59.99, ModCloth

Is your friend, or maybe even sister, so obsessed with her cat that she would love to show off her cat love? Because this skirt screams cat lover in probably the most stylish way imaginable.

6. I Feel The Purrs T-Shirt

I Feel The Purrs T-Shirt, $29.99, ModCloth

Or, if your friend is more on the casual side, this Cat Wars t-shirt will be widely accepted with the Rogue One hype currently sweeping the internet.

7. Nuzzle Collar

Nuzzle Collar, $189, Nuzzle

Is your pet likely to wander off? Are you always spending time searching the neighborhood for them? Worry no longer, because Nuzzle will help keep you and your best friend together. It has a GPS that will let you know via an app where your pet is located. The app also provides information on getting pet insurance!

8. His & Hers & Dog Key Holder

His Hers Dog Key Holder, $12.99, Etsy

Because if Fido is seriously one of the family, then he deserves his very own hook too.

9. Pet Bird Bath

Pet Bird Bath, $13.49, Petsmart

Does your best friend own a bird for a pet, but have no idea what bird lovers really need? Get them this beautiful little bird bath, perfect for small and medium cages.

10. Dog Purse

Dog Purse, $44.99, ModCloth

This purse is surprisingly super stylish – your dog-loving best friend will go absolutely nuts over it. Is she not a dog lover? You can also get this sleeping cat purse, or even this unicorn purse.

11. Elevated Dog Feeder

Elevated Dog Feeder, $70, Etsy

Does mom treat the dog like she’s the princess of the castle? Then let her princess eat in style. This dog feeder stands a little under 7 inches tall, with two stainless steel bowls that fit 1 quart each.

12. Christmas Tree Aquarium Ornament

Christmas Tree Aquarium Ornament, $7.99, Petsmart

What about the fish lovers in your life, who are always creating new aquariums in their basement? Give the aquarium some holiday spirit with their very own tree!

13. Dog Bookends

Dog Bookends in Black and Cream, $44.99 each, ModCloth

Is your friend a dog-lover and a book-lover? Because this is about to be their favorite gift of all time. Get two of the same color, or mix and match!

14. Home Is Where My Cats Are Sign

Home Is Where My Cats Are Sign, $5.50, Etsy

Need something speedy for that very same day? This is actually a print that you can download and print right away. Just simply grab a frame for it, and you have the perfect gift in no time!

15. Mistletoe Dog Tee

Mistletoe Dog Tee, $3.97, Petsmart

Want to dress up the pup for your Ugly Christmas Sweater shindig? Because this is seriously adorable.

16. Reindeer Dog Costume

Reindeer Dog Costume, $7.99, Petsmart

Or if you, or your friend, love dressing up the pup in ridiculous costumes and talk an endless amount of snapchats — then this reindeer costume is also very much needed.

17. Cat Zodiac

Cat Zodiac, $14.99, ModCloth

Is your cat-loving bestie always keeping up with her daily horoscope? Then she is going to love this astrological guide to the feline mystique.

18. Dogs Before Dudes Sweater

Dogs Before Dudes Sweater, $41.95, Etsy

Dogs before dudes always. Duh.

19. Cat Graphic Tee

Cat Graphic Tee, $29.99, ModCloth

How about this cat humor, though? If your friend is all about the puns, especially involving her cat, then she’ll probably never want to take this off.

Images: Delaney Dawson/Unsplash; Courtesy of the brands