10 Perfect Presents For Pet Parents

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For pet parents everywhere, the best gift is not necessarily for them — it's usually for their child. Er, pet. Pet-child. Whatever. If you're looking for the perfect gifts for pet parents — you know, those friends of yours for whom the line between child and pet is a bit blurry — these 10 picks will fit the proverbial bill this holiday season. Heck, maybe you are a pet parent, in which case this is a gift guide for yourself. We all deserve to pamper both ourselves and our pets a little around the holidays, right?

Finding a unique gift for pet parents can be stressful, especially with the rise of the glamour pet. I can't get more than a block without seeing a dog in rain boots (or hearing about the best way to get a dog's paws into rain boots — baby powder is the trick, in case you were interested) or a cat in a backpack with a bubble window. Every pet parent I know has at least one fashionable ensemble for their fur-child. So what does that leave you with? What are you supposed to get for the pets and pet parents who seemingly have everything?

Well, my friends, do not fret. I have found some seriously unique and weird presents, because the Internet is a unique and weird place. (Thank you, Internet Goddess of the Strange and Unusual.) Check out these killer gifts for pets and parents alike. Everyone will be happy, and everyone will win — especially you, pet-gift-giver. You will win the most.

1. Mewgaroo Jumpsuit

Mewgaroo Jumpsuit, $87, Amazon

Have you ever said to yourself, "I want to be warm and cozy and cat-like, but I would also like for my cat-child to be warm and cozy at the same time"? Well, Japanese pet supply company Unihabitat just launched a plush cat jumpsuit that comes with a lined pouch specifically for cat-carrying purposes! Be with your cat always and 4ever by buying this thing.

2. Friskies Pull 'n' Play Pack

Friskies Pull 'n' Play Pack, $4, Amazon

Let me hit you with a few facts: Cats are really into string. That is objectively true. Cats (and dogs and children and adults) are highly motivated by food. That is also objectively true. The Friskies Pull 'n' Play Pack, which combines edible string and treats and a wobbly toy that will never be quelled, is the ultimate cat fantasy. Three objective facts. You can get this at Target, Amazon, Wal-Mart and PetSmart. Four facts. Bet your head's spinning, huh?

3. Dog Pack

Dog Pack, various, Kickstarter

Nothing is more pleasing than pets dressed up like tiny monster babies. This Dog Pack, which includes a harness and a tiny backpack (perfect for letting them carry their own snacks), was created by bag designer Maggie Modena, and it's so freaking precious. The product is in the very early stages of Becoming Big — they're running a Kickstarter campaign right now — so get in before the crowds and snag your favorite pet parent a li'l tiny human backpack for dogs.

4. Regal Pet Portrait

Custom Vintage Regal Pet Portrait, $60, Etsy

Sure, plenty of people have photos or paintings of their pets, but how many people do you know who own a portrait of their pet in which said pet looks like a famous person from 17th century? Hmmm? Good news: Etsy store BunnyNBear is here to help you out. Send in a photo, choose from one of 18 busts, and for $60, you can make Rover look like Napoleon.

5. Back to the Roots Water Garden

Not every pet is a furry one. Maybe some people don't have time to train a dog or clean up 10 pounds of cat hair a day, so they stick to simpler fare — like fish. Fish deserve presents, like this awesome Water Garden. It's a green, environmentally-responsible home for fishies: Fish waste feeds the plants, the plants clean the tank. Harmony is so wonderful.

Back to the Roots Water Garden, $100, Amazon

6. Tough Puff Bird Toy

Tough Puff Bird Toy, $15, PetSolutions

If you own a bird, I might hate you because I'm scared of birds, but that doesn't mean that you and your pet-child are undeserving of some holiday spirit as well. This puffy bird toy is simultaneously awesome and insane looking, which is honestly the ideal aesthetic. Your bird will get to spend hours pecking, biting, hopping, snacking, and doing whatever else it is that birds... do.

7. Santa Paws Dog Treats

Grreat Choice Pet Holiday Santa Paws Dog Treat, $5, PetSmart

If you're looking for a present that doesn't leave you destitute (I feel you — making this list, I am wondering how anyone can afford any pet ever), try these little dog treats that look like Christmas cookies, complete with festive icing. Maybe make some homemade human cookies for the parents, too. Just a thought. A very good, cute thought, but I'm definitely not going to make you do it or anything.

8. Christmas Tree Cat Hat

Whisker City Pet Holiday Christmas Tree Cat Hat, $6, PetSmart

I know, I know — cats don't like being dressed up. But you don't know that for certain, right? They might love it and you just can't tell because they're cats and they like to hide their emotions. Maybe your favorite pet parent's child would love this sequined Christmas Tree hat. I love this hat. I wish it came in human sizes. I'm furious that it doesn't.

9. Pretty Kitty Printed Dress

Pretty Kitty Printed Dress, $65, ShopRuche

Cat parents unfortunately cannot bring their cats with them everywhere, so help them spread the word that they are proud parents with this cat-print dress from Ruche. It's delightful and cute, and I want it. Is this gift guide just turning into a list of gifts for me? Maybe. Oh well.

10. Dog Print Rain Boots

Dog Print Rain Boots By Joules, $47, Joules

Oh come on, you didn't think I'd forget a dog print, did you? Please. Have more faith in me. These boots by Joules are great for treks through the rain or snow or mud or whatever inclement weather your pup insists on going out into.

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